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Life Is Not About Finding Yourself; Life Is About Creating Yourself
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When we think about our future, we usually start from our past and present. We try to imagine where is possible for us to go, where can lead us the road we are already embarked on.

But it seems the life could be different.

Doesn’t matter where we are now, if our heart feels that we need to be somewhere else, we really can go there. It is hard to imagine that, but it is true.

‘Life is about creating yourself.’ When I heard that for the first time, I was really shocked. I asked myself how it could be possible. I am as I am; my life is as it is, how can this be changed? OK, I can improve it: I can learn more, I can manage better my time, I can do my job better, I can even change the job or maybe get promoted if I am a little bit lucky… But this cannot be so big change, anyway. To change radically my life I probably need to win the lottery or to receive an inheritance. Unfortunately I haven’t any rich old relatives; maybe I have to take lottery tickets… I concluded that a big change is impossible.

My imagination was really blocked in my life’s present projection. I couldn’t see over the fence that surrounded me.

In a way, I felt secure there. Even if I wasn’t satisfied with what I had received from the life before, I still was ok. Though, I decided to make a plan to improve my life – to read one hour each day, to study French (it would have helped in my work), to become more proactive at my job. I started with my plan, but after three days I quit. I realized that my problem was the motivation. I begun to search for motivation tips, but it didn’t work and I give up remembering that I read somewhere that if you want to be happy in life, you have to be content with what you have at present. That’s what I tried to do.

And my frustrating life re-started. I wanted something more – more money to go out with friends, a better house, new living furniture… But, at the same time I didn’t really want to make an effort to get more because I was not convinced that this effort would be worthwhile. I really didn’t believe that there could be something to do for the better.

In spite of my resignation in front of fate, I still heard in my ears ‘life is about creating yourself.’ I felt the need to learn more about this; even if I didn’t believe it at all (my common sense told me it is crazy!).

I read a lot of books on the subject. One of these shook me deeply. It was the famous Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’. I begun to understand that our thoughts create our life. I couldn’t digest yet the idea, but I made the first step in realizing how our life is working.

Then I remembered that one of the authors I read advised us to take a paper and write all our inner believes regarding money, relationships, health. He said that in this way, we can find out our limiting believes and let them go.

That’s what I did. I filled in almost ten sheets of paper and I was really surprised by what I found out. Looking back to my life and putting my thoughts beside, I had the big picture: Indeed my life was the perfect result of my thoughts! At that moment I had the evidence in sustaining the fact that our life is our creation.

If reading my title you had the same reaction as me, make this exercise: write what you think about the most important parts of your life (money, relationship, health) and then compare the way you are thinking with your life. You will be surprised.

I would be happy if you will tell me what you will be finding out!

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