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Optimism And The Attitude Of Gratitude
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Optimism and the Attitude of Gratitude

I have people ask me quite often why I am the way that I am. I simply tell them that when I get up in the morning I make the choice to have a good day. It's a choice. Life happens. The response is up to us.

It helps to be optimistic. Optimists have a sense of hope that in the end things will work out. Your dream will be achieved, your goal will be accomplished. The task completed. With this kind of an outlook on things a bump in the road isn't viewed as some huge problem. To the optimist it is only a small bump in the way of the outcome in sight. Optimists have been known for:

  • Being more successful
  • Forming stronger social networks
  • Living longer
  • Being healthier
  • Being happier

You are more likely to reach out and help your friends in times of need. You keep pressing when things don't go as planned. To the Optimist there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

In my point of view it doesn't seem to be much use to be anything else but an optimist.

Are you grateful for what you have? Are you one of those people who always wants more? There are some people who are always looking for the next best thing. Never happy. Always seems to be a cloud hanging over them.

Being grateful can change your overall look on life.

Let Gratitude flow naturally in your life. Something in the process of growing up can take the juice out of us. We become jaded and hard. We lose our joy and passionate embrace of life. The good thing is we don't have to lose the happiness or juiciness of youth. Open your hearts and experience gratitude as much as you can. Be gentle with yourself and allow what is true for you to be true. Tap into your sense of gratitude. When we this we become like little children seeing the world for the first time. Gratitude will quietly, softly enter your heart.

As far as I can tell, gratitude is generated in two ways. One, by a spontaneous uplifting of the heart toward the wonder of life and all the spectacular things that surround us.

The second way is by a conscious decision to practice looking at what's right in our lives rather than focusing on what is missing.

Life is short. Believe in yourself and that you have the abilities to make a difference in the world. Why not do something kind for someone starting today. It's an instant pick me up!

Something like:

  • Letting them have that parking space (yes, even around the Holidays)
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery store.
  • Give a stranger a sincere compliment
  • Smile at someone and say Hi!
  • Visit with a relative or a lonely elderly person

Not only will you make their day but your day will be much better too!

Street Talk

LOVE this article. You are pretty much talking about the law of attraction. Gratitude is so important. If you've ever opened the door for someone and they walk in without saying thank you, well you kind of feel like they're rude! Such a simple thing to say, thank you, is so important. Having a positive mindset is huge!

  about 9 years ago

Hi Roberto. I agree with you that having a positive mindset is huge. The law of attraction. You said it. I personally know a few people that complain every time I am around them. How sad. I sure hope that I never become like that. It is such a simple thing to say thank you but unfortunately not everyone says it. I always try to see the bottle half full. Happiness and joy are contagious! Thanks for the nice comments. I appreciate it.

  about 9 years ago
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