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Personal Development Today - A Simple Question Of Choice Or A Must?
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I firstly got in contact with personal development issues more than fifteen years ago.

That time I used to work in a multinational company and I took part in some training programs held by the company. We learnt about skills and attitudes which were meant to help us in doing better our daily jobs.

At the beginning of nineties', many people were interested in building a career inside big corporations in order to increase their standard of living. They used to invest in training programs and MBAs to learn the appropriate skills and to get used with the business environment's way of thinking. Thus, they got an advantage in the race for the top positions.

I like to call that period 'the workaholic times'. It was a crazy work racing with a lot of stress and tense relationships among co-workers. In spite of this the times looked stable. Anyone could make a plan for his/her life and follow it with the trust that nothing will change. If you worked hard you shouldn't worry about your future. There was someone taking care of you and rewarding you for your efforts and loyalty.

Unfortunately, the stability was the silence before the storm because soon the turmoil came and took the whole world by surprise. Everybody has begun to ask how to survive in changing times.

Like Seth Godin noticed about the present times, in the old economy we had the guarantee of stability (time plus education plus obedience equals stability). In the new economy we don't have stability any more. But the new one offers the chance for people to take the opportunity and make an impact.

For a lot of people this was - and still is - bed news. Noting is certain anymore. Everybody talks about survival. We have all the reasons to be desperate and unhappy. But let's change perspective!

Deepak Chopra noticed that 'All great changes are preceded by chaos.'

This is the way our world evolves. The evolution is always painful, but the outcome worth any trouble and efforts we went through. The Creator of Everything seams to tell us that now is the time to look inside us and to dig as deep as we can. There we will find the freedom and the peace.

Now, the moment to take our destiny in our own hands arrived. No one else can do what only we can do. We have inside us a power which we don't even think there could be.

Personal development nowadays is not any more the same it used to be ten-twenty years ago. The reason why to embark on it changed completely. Before we used to chose to develop ourselves for others (corporations we worked with, co-workers, customers...). Now we have to develop ourselves with the target of our own goals in mind in order to prepare for changing times. The question 'Who survives today?' has a single answer: only those who follow their own bliss.

It is a huge change in focus. Becoming the person who is ready to take the responsibility of his/her life, we learn how to deal with changing times. And everything becomes not only easy, but very exciting as well. Personal change today is a must and a blessing at the same time.

Once we clarify what we want to accomplish during our time spent on Earth, the pain disappears and is replaced by a feeling of freedom, peace and exhilaration. And by the time when we will be reaching our goals, everybody surrounding us will take advantage of it, not only ourselves.

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