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Personality Resistance
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Personality Resistance

The age-old adage of “seek and you shall find” is just as true today as it was in the origins of the past. People ask for light and then reject what the light reveals because it hurts the eyes. We invoke energy and then resist the impact of that energy to move and sweep clean the uncleared personality. Not only is this unwise but it is also very uncomfortable as this results in pain and suffering experience.

Personality resistance is simply resistance to soul light. It should always be kept in mind that both the higher and the lower aspects of personality can be seen with the illumination by soul light. Wisely we see everything but our focus is on the higher aspects. This approach allows you the strength and the tenacity to move forward into greater freedom. Soul light weakens the power of the personality, which is the whole reason why the personality resists.

We are all aspiring to have the personality as an instrument of soul and not as a power unto itself. Hence the battle of the spiritual warrior is within. In the origins of time soul comes down into materiality. As part of the process the mental, emotional and physical bodies have been added. These three vehicles of the personality give us the illusion of separation. During this process of becoming inter-meshed with materiality the personality or ego is strengthened to eventually become a power unto itself. By definition the personality is a part or self-interest focus with the soul being a whole or selfless focus.

So then how do we solve personality problems? There is only one way and that is by going to the higher perspective or authority. A person bumbles along in life being presented with various problems in a one form or another. One day he may stop and scratch his head and ask himself the question “why”? This question invokes the light for to understand a problem correctly you need to first see the whole pattern. The personality does not like the question why because it knows intuitively that ego power is reduced with its use.

The focus of the personality is to view energy in terms of how it impacts emotionally in particular. The natural result of this approach is to chase after what you like and find appealing. Conversely what you dislike or find unappealing you then attack or run away from. By direct comparison the focus of the soul is to love unconditionally with the drawing together of all the various elements in a unified way. By asking the simple question “what is in it for me?” reveals whether your intention is personality or soul. If nothing in it for you on any level then you may feel assured that it is a soul quality or aspect.

To explain this principal we may express ourself in the following way. Someone may give you a bucket of manure. The personality approach would be to say I don’t like this so I will tip it over the sender with interest. The soul approach by comparison would be to accept this gift and place the manure around the fruit trees and return a bucket of fruit. In this way one can see that the given energy is abstract and only becomes an insult or a fertiliser determined by the receiver of that energy. Any given energy for which a use is not found is simply returned to the sender.

Whether energy is perceived as insulting or fertiliser reflects the emotional attachment of the receiver to the particular energy in question? Hence the reaction or response is a natural consequence to the focus of the receiver. In this way we can see that the emotional level focus leads to emotional reactions or tantrums and the detached mental level focus leads to more correct responses. It is our focus of perception that we choose to use, which will then create our reality. Everyone creates his or her own reality. Which reality would you prefer to have reactive or responsive?

There does not need to be pain and suffering in spiritual growth. However pain and discomfort is often experienced as the personality resists the changes with soul light being brought down. Pain and suffering is your greatest blessing because it allows you the opportunity to let go of aspects being held on to, which it is wiser to let go of. Eventually you learn to move beyond pain, which becomes one of the most liberating experiences anyone can endure. So now we may speak about the psychic barriers. These barriers do no protect but imprison. The personality focus leads to separating experiences as the entity pursues an agenda of self-interest. The world reflects back to you the same energy you are giving off in the very first place. This is commonly called mirroring.

Denial of personal responsibility is an inherent aspect in the psychic barrier creation pattern. This is because the limitations not faced within are then projected onto another. The innocent party is then also attacked into the bargain for limitations, which have nothing to do with that particular person. It is the person who feels the emotion who is responsible for doing something about it. Blaming another for how you feel is denial of personal responsibility in action.

An entity believes that psychic barriers are created for the protection of self. We may ask to protect from what? In this way we can see clearly that the only thing being protected are the limitations within. The cold hard truth is that these psychic barriers are only put up to keep out your own soul light from illuminating the lower aspects of your own personality in the first place. Spiritual evolution in most cases is a gradually unfolding process. The intensity of light is gradually permitted to increase, as the entity becomes stronger and stronger to face what the light reveals.

The platform on which an entity develops a greater awareness of what lies within is by detached observation of the self. To view all manifestation from the detached mental level without an emotional focus distorting perception in a way, which nurtures the ego? In the beginning when the ego is strong detached mental self-observation is not possible and this needs recognition. However the model needs setting up and utilised by anyone choosing to grow spiritually. This is because when experiencing the pitfalls of life there is the opportunity to view the soul inspired intuitive flashes, which come during times of severe emotional impact.

More simply we could say we come to see and recognise our own blind spots. Grief in particular is the one emotion, which opens you to the greater reality allowing light to enter where before it was not permitted. Firstly one needs to have conscious awareness of a better framework. Then in addition self-discipline is required to apply the lessons to walk the pathway into lighter states of being. Every spiritual growth step has an aspect of letting go. Discipline from an ego point of view but love from the soul perspective.

The source and the solution to every problem is within the self. Therefore when you see a problem correctly you also see the solution clearly. All that is now required is the self-discipline to apply it. As energy follows thought it is the creation of positive thought forms replacing negative ones, which die through lack of attention, which is the pathway to personal transformation and freedom.

In order to become a balanced human being we need to create balance in the first three rays or aspects. The first ray is “Will and Power” which is utilized to create movement. Anyone who is seeking solution’s to life’s problems or spiritual growth will need an impact of first ray energy to move forward. After the necessary movement has been achieved then we may allow for the use of second ray energy or “Love Wisdom”. The love wisdom aspect or feeling based orientation is regarded to be the Mystical approach to life. The third ray is “Active intelligence”. This orientation is the mental level aspect and is often referred to as the esoteric approach. In a totally balanced human being it is the active intelligence which directs the energy being expressed through the first two rays or aspects.

Very simply put when movement or a kick is required we use first ray energy. Conversely when a pat on the back or reward for well done is required then second ray energy is indicated. Whether we use first or second ray energy in any given circumstance, it is important to realise that both are love in action when correctly applied. There is no reason why we can not adopt the love wisdom orientation in the resting state where nothing in particular is indicated. Children in particular will respond to this by building in self esteem and self-confidence.

Love wisdom brings in the most correct knowledge to be utilised by the active intelligence, which then determines how will and power will be expressed. Only when two people are both functioning on the framework of personal responsibility can they relate to each other on that soft gentle loving level. While a person lives a denial of personal responsibility then the use of will and power becomes necessary. It is the love wisdom in tune with the active intelligence, which then determines whether a sledge hammer or a tinny hammer is required to restore greater balance.

So in this way we have a framework or model, which can be used to view energy.

By making the choice to work with what ever is presented without personality resistance enables us to become creative manipulators or white magicians in life, rather than reactive unconscious victim’s or black magicians. What would you rather be? Your life is your choice.

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