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Plato And Our Selves
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Psyche divided by Plato

Plato thousands of years ago, when he divided man’s psyche in logikon (rational), thymikon (emotional) and epithymitikon (wishing) he assigned the head as center of logic, the sternum as the center of thymikon and the gut as the center of wishes. He also assigned the philosopher as the man who functions with thinking (in his head), the fighter as the man who functions with the gumption (in his sternum) and the lower popular man, the merchant-technician-craftsman who functions with the sentimental urges (in his gut). Nationally he assigned the Greek as the philosopher, the Scythe as the fighting man with no theoretical training and the Phoenician as the impulsive trader-technician-craftsman.

These slippery matters concerning setting and demarcating internal centers, in essence concern the main functioning systems, those that the organism itself has developed in order to manage energy internally in different ways: the Central Nervous System, the Myoskeletical System, and the Gastrointestinal System. - The Central Nervous System manages centrally some electric energy, as a nervous-electric allegory of every other energy that develops in the organism. - The Myoskeletical System manages directly kinetic energy mainly with the human ends (arms and legs). - The Gastrointestinal System manages directly food energy, it also is the internal place where thymic tensions are formed (in our bowels, in our guts). The ancient Gastrointestinal System, that is, is identified with “Thymikon”, which has two poles, which the self marks as “negative” and “positive”.

“Negative” thymic pole is considered the gut and the lower gastrointestinal openings, for reproduction and defecation mainly, with which thymic energy is released outwardly, to the surrounding, especially with the sexual act. “Positive” thymic pole is considered the sternum and the upper gastrointestinal openings (all in the face: mouth, nose, ears, eyes with which our self deals with energy in the surrounding and relieves energy outwardly as speech, song, shouts and whispers, etc).

Another name for sternum in Greek (Sternix-sternigos) is “enterioni” which means the spongy part that some bushes have inside their trunk, which is the soul, the heart of the bush, where the life giving juices circulate. Sternum in the human being is that internal part where those thymic charges are piled that are meant to express through the upper gastrointestinal openings (mainly from the mouth, mainly as speech), or to enter in the organism from outside, (mainly as pictures/perceptions from the eyes, the ears, the mouth).

The ego (and volition and the man itself) identifies eagerly with the sternum, with the pole where those thymic (energy) charges are developed that are about to be expressed from the upper pole and the self believes that are or can be useful and “positive” for him. That’s why, for example, we beat strongly our breast underlying our ego, identifying this way “ego” with the sternum (with energy in the sternum actually). For the same reason we identify our self with our face where most openings of releasing energy and useful and positive exchange with the surrounding (mouth, eyes, nose, ears).

That’s why in the contrary we continually cover with some clothes our lower gastrointestinal openings, (we don’t even mention their names, which are all meant as insults), while we let uncovered our face, which is anyhow in well-seen place (up and front) and we take good care especially its appearance, its picture We are our face and especially its picture. The grimaces of our face (smile, bitterness, expressions of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, etc) express directly the energy tensions of our intestine, obvious and positive upper end of which is our face.

The Greek word for face (prosopo) comes from the word to see (opsomai-ops-opos) meaning to the front of man (pros+opos). And the man (anthr-opos), according to the most valid definition of the word is a small and very logical corruption of the word “anthropos” meaning man (andras) and opos (to see), he who looks like a man. For one more time, that is, the being is identified with his picture. And finally “sternum” and “belly” are not two different centers of psyche but two different poles of the same internal center, the thymikon. Simply the upper pole of thymikon, the sternum, is considered as “positive”.

That’s why man is usually released naturally and spontaneously from the upper gastrointestinal openings, (mainly from the mouth, identifying earnestly, naturally and spontaneously his ego with his sternum and himself with his face).

While the other lower pole, the gut, is considered “negative” by all people (and that’s why it is relieved secretly always from the lower openings of the gastrointestinal system) and only someone’s enemies may identify him in jest and scorn with that other lower pole.

That’s why if you ask any natural being to say “I” and point at himself he will show spontaneously at the center of his sternum “I”. Though nobody knows exactly why he points at that exact part of himself, when he says “I”. And yet it is very simple. He shows at the upper pole of his thymikon, from where we all manage obviously our internal energy, and we identify eagerly ourselves. “I”. Our ego is identified eagerly, that is, with the upper pole of energy inside us, which we all believe and treat as positive.

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