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Santa And God - - What Do They Have In Common?
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Christmas has passed, and it struck me that Santa and God have something in common and I wondered what that was and then I realized that most everyone believes in both of them for a period of time everyone believes in both of them for a period of time. Most everyone of us believed in Santa Claus until... Yes, we believed that Santa lived at the North Pole with Mrs. Claus and his elves. We believed that on Christmas eve he took his sleigh pulled by flying rein deer and delivered presents to all good boys and good girls. Eventually though, we discovered differently. Either an older sibling or cousin smashed our idea of Santa or we caught one of our parents placing the gifts under the tree, or we figured it out somehow on our own. That realization was a traumatic experience for many of us who had our hopes and dreams in Santa being special and making us special.

But that realization didn't eliminate Santa, as Santa lives on forever in a different form. Santa lives on as our parents, other loving relatives (wouldn't expect that any relative that dislikes us would give us a present), and those close to us that care about us. Santa is the good will that gets a shot of enthusiasm once a year which is hopefully enough to last all year.

Yes, the truth is that Santa is not some mythical person who lives at the North Pole with Mrs. Claus and his helper elves. Santa is the loving and good in all of us who give to those we care about who may be close to us or in many cases complete strangers who fair less well than ourselves.

Now, how about God? Yes, just as with Santa, most of us believed in God-believed that God is a deity that watches over each of us. Sound somewhat like Santa? How else would Santa know whether we were good or bad? Be believe that God has a place called heaven that we can get into if we are good. Sound familiar? Heaven is the most prized gift. Those who believe in God generally believe that he has a plan for us and that he/she is capable of testing us-that we must have faith. If something bad happens to us, it's because our faith is being tested-that God has a plan. But what if we fail the faith test? Is it God's plan that we no longer believe in him/her? Big Question and I have the answer. But let me repeat that in the next paragraph.

If something bad happens to us it is because our faith in the Lord is being tested because God has a plan for us. But what if we fail the faith test? Does that mean it's the Lord's plan that we no longer believe in him/her? If so, any personal change and personal growth plan that we may have for ourselves is in jeopardy.

Now about Santa and the Lord. What should you believe? What you were told by the church? Do what I did. Google the history of the Catholic Church. Spend as much time reading the history as you spend reading the Bible. Well if you haven't been reading the Bible and have just been believing what you were told it said, then spend three evenings of your life-for starters-to read about the history of the Church. Do you know that they didn't even start interpreting the scriptures for about 300 years after they were written? Wow, I just bought a program on how to do some search engine optimization work that was written just this year and I know quite a bit already about search engine optimization (SEO) and guess what? I still can't figure out what some of it means.

Did you know that there was a sect of the early Church that believed that Christ was just another person (special and gifted, but not one with God)? And what happened to that sect? Well the early Church wasn't very good at rationally discussing it's differences. It was better at persecution. The stronger sect that believed differently wiped out the weaker sect. That's how the early Church resolved its differences. There was no respect for anyone's personal change and personal growth unless it mirrored the sect of the Church that was in power at the time.

For all the good that God supposedly represents, those who were addicted to their meaning of peace to all men, sure did their share of persecutions. In fact probably more people were killed in the name of God and Christ in the Holy Wars and persecutions than in any other war in history. Hey, don't take my word for it; go to Google. The history is there. Then go to the library and do more research to see if what you find on the internet is close to the truth.

I think my aging mother says it best, "If you read the Bible, God was a devil until Christ was born. All they did was kill each other."

But just like Santa, there is God, but not where most of us have believed he/she is. There's the four- year-old concept of Santa and his elves and there's the mature version of Santa being in each of us. Likewise there's the unsophisticated version of God watching over us and the mature version of God.

Briefly God knows all. Therefore God would know every thing about the laws of Nature-the laws of physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and probability. We can start by saying that God is the laws of Nature. What more is there? Is there any thing beyond the Laws of Nature? If it is, it would be included in how the laws of nature work and therefore would be a part of the Laws of Nature.

Now, you're probably thinking about the part of God having plans for us meaning he's a thinking God. Well that would be beyond the Laws of Nature, right? But wait a minute, thinking would be included in the Laws of Nature. The ability for any entity to think would be governed by the Laws of Nature. One step further. You and I are a manifestation of the Laws of Nature and we each are capable of thinking.

See where this leads us? Just as Santa is in each of us, so is God. God created us in his own image. Would the image be less than perfect? Don't think so! We each are God. Just as every drop in the ocean is the Ocean when a drop is taken from the ocean it is still the ocean. We each are a drop of humanity. Humanity is God. Separate from the ocean of God, we can become dirty which will differentiate us from other drops of humanity. A drop of the ocean can become contaminated too and it can evaporate but even so, the minerals in that drop still exist.

The dirt in the drop of humanity is the numerous limiting beliefs we have about our abilities. Some of these beliefs are ingrained in us from others, some we develop based on past mistakes, some are imposed on us genetically, some are a result of atmospheric toxins, and so on. These limitations keep us from achieving many of our goals. We have difficulty with basic habits such as smoking and binging or comfort eating or we're at loss as to how to build and improve self worth. Or we have trouble dealing with many emotions such as anger, resentment, depression, and so on.

But ultimately, what this means is that within each of us is truly a Michael Jackson, a Perry Como, an Einstein, a Michelangelo, an Ernest Hemingway, a David Copperfield, a Steve Jobs, and so on. We each know all the answers to the universe-worm holes, world peace, longevity of life, curing of all disease, elimination of pollution, unlimited renewable energy, career satisfaction, excellence of relationships, and so on. It's a matter of turning on the portions of our brain/s that take us to excellence. And then knowing how to market our ideas gets it into practice among the sea of humanity and hopefully enrich that sea of humanity and by so doing prosper ourselves.

A few years back I happened across some of the text books I used in my undergraduate days in chemical engineering at the University of MD. As I leafed through the texts on mathematics, chemistry, physics, and engineering very very little made sense to me. It was hard to imagine that I ever knew that stuff, but I did-enough to carry a 3.4 grade average all through college. I knew calculus inside out. I knew chemistry inside out. I remember that for a final examination in organic chemistry I had studied the subject to the point that I could take the methane molecule and perform every type of reaction with it to develop any type of organic compound I desired. But where is that ability today? I don't use that part of my brain today-don't have a need to-so it's gone. However, I did take that same problem solving approach I learned in engineering and applied it to managing stress to achieve health and well being. I discovered how to build self worth that doesn't lead to a life crisis. I discovered how to tackle the emotions that lead to binging and comfort eating. I discovered how to correct the thinking that leads to panic disorder with agoraphobia. I discovered how to correct the thinking that leads to ileitus, Chrons disease, and stomach ulcers.

Back to the God idea. The sea of humanity is made up of and surrounded by a sea of elements as identified by the periodic table. And guess what? Every element, every atom, every particle of every atom is a manifestation of the Laws of Nature. The manifestations of God brought into my life Morgellons and skin parasites. They made my life a living hell for several years similar to what Job of the old testament experienced. My same engineering approach--using that part of my brain--led to the discovery of the King Diet to quench the disastrous effects of Morgellons and skin parasites and returned my life to normal once again as I've shared in a book about the King Diet. The key is to tap that part of the brain most closely connected to "all knowing."

In summary, we could say that the concept of Santa in each of us is a manifestation of the God in each of us and that if you want to believe in a plan-make your own plan to adjust to the sea of humanity and develop the magnificence in you. That is, be the best spouse, parent, child, relative that you can be while you be the best scientist, entertainer, motivator, politician, healer, teacher, inventor, entrepreneur, and on on that you can be. One day each of us may experience the awesomeness of simultaneously being a super inventor, entertainer, artist, entrepreneur, teacher, healer, and so on, but for now, develop the talents that come more naturally to you and that you enjoy.

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