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Tapping Into Your Genius
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Guess what. You are a genius!! You may not have realized it.Perhaps, for most of your life, you were told otherwise. Regardless of what your current position is in life, you are one whether you believe it or not. Not only are you a genius ,but you are a unique one. There is nor will there ever be any one exactly like you even if you are a twin!!

Each one of us comes into this world with a unique purpose and "gifts", but not everyone comes to a realization of what they are. Most of us go through life satisfied with maintaining the "status quo" in our lives. The origin of the term is Latin meaning the existing state of affairs. Maintaining the status quo pertains to keeping things the way they presently are. Those of us who are thoroughly dissatisfied with status quo strive to rise above it.

For these people, it is more important to be both authentic and expressive despite societies expectations.They follow their impulse.Some call it inspiration or "divine spark". We see it expressed through children's imagination.

Most children have no problem imagining themselves as astronauts,cowboys, princesses or superheroes to name a few. It is only until they are conditioned to "Grow up!!" "Be realistic","Pick a real career!!" or listen to that popular nugget of wisdom, "You can't make any money doing that!!".

Imagination is directly connected to the ignition of the divine spark referred to as inspiration. How many times have we , in many cases, especially as parents, stamped out our children's flame. For the sake of "helping" them to be realistic. Those among us who fan the inate flame go on to realize their potential.

There is an exhaustive list of individuals throughout human history who have made tremendous contributions to humankind in numerous areas. Many of them faced seemingly insurmountable challenges only to overcome them going on to establish themselves as "geniuses". The existentialist philosopher, Simone de Beauvoir, stated," One is not born a genius,one becomes a genius".

I equate genius with one's unique strength or talent. Some of us have gift's that are more obvious while many of us have gifts that have yet to be discovered. For many of us, our gift's raise to the service through challenges while others are apparent from near birth. Nonetheless, each person has them including those of us with physical, mental or emotional challenges.

The question remains, "How do we tap into are genius?" I am going to focus on three key qualities necessary for accomplishing this worthy task: Intuition,Perseverence and Faith.


Steve Jobs was quoted as saying,"Your time is limited , so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma-which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your inner voice.

Most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition." Genius is directly connected to authenticity. It is original and requires "out of the box" thinking. Intuition is the fuel that moves the engine of inspiration resulting in the realization of human potential. Intuition can also be developed.

Many an innovative thinker has spent hours in quiet contemplation organizing their ideas within their minds. Every invention started out as a thought that was focused on, developed and acted upon. Even in the bible God was quoted as saying, "Be still and know that I am God."

I am not talking about a celestial figure residing in some other dimension watching over us. I am referring to the source of unlimited possibilities that is constantly trying to communicate new and innovative ideas through each one of us.

This presence desires to express itself through us if we would be quiet and listen to it. Regardless if ,whether or not, you come from a religious background, I appeal to you to consider that this source is the "substance" of genius and each of us has access to it.

There is a solution to every problem that the has plagued humanity,but not enough of us to go within ourselves to tap into this endless stream. We do this by getting quiet whether it be through meditation, prayer or simply finding a solitary place to organize and focus our thoughts.These are proven techniques for developing our intuition. Once we have spent time in contemplation,it is also a good idea to keep a journal to write down our ideas.

Perhaps to write out pertinent questions related to the realization of your ideas.What would it look like? What are the costs?Where can I get more information?Has someone had a similar idea and if so, how can I get in contact with them? Were there any pitfalls that they experienced and if so, how can I avoid them?

These are all examples of relevant questions that someone might ask who is committed to the expression of original ideas i.e. "genius". It is also important to set realistic goals for yourself . Where do you want to be within 6 months,1 year or 5 years?

Set aside a certain amount of time each day (as little 10-15 minutes) to practice any one or all of the above mentioned activities and ,afterwards,throughout your day "listen" for the answer. It is also important to be patient.

Answers do not always come right away ,therefore, it is important to keep your mind open while performing daily activities.Both intuition and inspiration can come at any time.The more receptive you are to your intuition the stronger it will become.


When it comes to genius, who comes to mind? For most of us,we think of historical figures such as Albert Einstein, Ludwig van Beethoven or Leonardo Da Vinci. Let's look at Einstein for a moment. The "great" Einstein failed his university entrance exam. Although he had a strong aptitude for math and science, he was weak in other subjects such as language arts, geography and history.

He excelled in the areas which most interested him. Einstein's determination to succeed was stronger than his temporary setback , therefore, he committed himself to intense study to strengthen those areas.Ultimately, he did pass the entrance exam and went on to become, for many, the "standard" for human intelligence.

The great inventor,Thomas Edison, was quoted as saying ,"Genius is one percent inspiration,ninety percent perspiration." It took him 10,000 attempts before he was able to perfect the electric light bulb.When asked by a newspaper reporter if whether or not he considered himself a failure, Edison's reply was that he did not fail. He discovered over 9,000 ways that it wouldn't work.

As brilliant as Edison was, he still had to put in the work. He could have easily have given up , but he held on to his inner vision. How many of us have had a potentially "life altering" idea only to allow ourselves to be either discouraged or distracted from developing it.

Most of us walk around with blinders on engrossed in our daily routines.We are satisfied simply getting by. If Edison had not persevered until his vision was realized , the world as we know it would be a different place.

Genius is an inner quality desiring to be expressed so that others may benefit from it. Countless new inventions,discoveries, and philosophies would have never been realized if certain individuals had not committed themselves to the "material" expression of their unique concepts. There are an infinite number of ideas floating around in the "ether" waiting to be realized by those of us who are willing commit ourselves to "going within" in order to tap into this endless reservoir.


In the book of Hebrews, the writer states "Now faith is sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see". In order to tap into your inner genius, you must believe that is there. This can prove challenging especially if ,for most of your life, you believed otherwise. Perhaps you were not a good student in school or was diagnosed with a learning disability. If that is the case, you are in good company.

There is documentation that Einstein did not speak until he was four years old and was labeled "slow". There are numerous cases of people who were "sentenced" to a life of mediocrity by other people only to rise above their circumstances surpassing , in certain cases,even their own expectations. They believed in themselves.

For some people ,this self confidence came naturally while in other cases it was developed through a supportive parent or mentor. Either way, it is necessary for you to believe that you have unique gifts as well as an unquenchable desire to share them with the world.Your innate gift(s) is your "genius".

The main point that I want to make is that genius is not a quality possesses by only a select few.We all have the genius potential within us. For most of us, it remains hidden within waiting to be called forth. There has never been one human being that has lived on this planet that is naturally "stupid".We might not always make the best decisions, but each of us has the capability to do far more than we give ourselves credit .

Our genius is directly related to our purpose for being here as well as an essential key to our happiness. There has never nor will there ever be any one quite like you again. There is greatness in each of us waiting to be revealed.Let eachof us make a commitment to ourselves to set it free!!

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