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The Challenge Of Stone
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The Challenge Of Stone

A few days ago two things came together that demanded a story.

First, I was told by the service person for the company that I grow chickens for that I needed to add more gravel---rock---stone---in front of my chicken houses and driveway.

Second, was that I boasted in a recent blog that I could come up with a story about anything if I was given “a word” and a few moments to think about it. Of course the story was named “Humility’ as I totally failed to understand my wife’s challenge---“Quit boasting!”

There is something that you need to know about me….. I can be a slow learner.

So, as I paid $375.00 for gravel---rock---stone……could I write a story about Stone????

So, can I write a story about stone??

Ideas came like flashes….The Sword in the Stone….No stone left unturned….The devil tempting Jesus in the desert to turn a stone into bread….The Sorcerer’s

Stone…. and on and on and on.

Do I have your brain turning yet?

Being stoned to death….Gall stones….Diamonds….The Rosetta stone….Stoned out of your mind….Kidney stones…. A time to gather stones together and a time to toss them away….and on and on and on.

Do I have your brain turning yet?

Any of these would have made a great story. But my mind wandered---was lead---in the direction of the Story of David and Goliath. We all know about David. We all know about Goliath. We all know about the sling shot.

But what do we know about the stone???

Some versions say David took it out of a sack on His belt. Some say He picked it up. Regardless, David must have put it in His hand and quickly, carefully guessed it’s weight, summed it up, judged it, and made an instant decision----slung the Stone----and Goliath was dead.

David was the Hero, the Sling Shot the tool but it was the Stone that one could argue was also the instrument of God.

No David----no victory.

No Sling Shot----no victory.

No stone, just a piece of rock, chosen from thousands of other pieces or rock, and thousands of other Stones----no victory.

Not just end of story but----No story.

No legacy of David versus Goliath----the underdog versus the obvious winner.

There can be no doubt that without the Hero David and his sling shot, there could be no story.

But without the Stone….the instrument….there would also be no story.

We can not all be Heroes.

We may not all be able to be tools.

But may we all be able to be stones!!

An instrument of God.

Pray for me. I’ll pray for you.


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