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The Internal Energy Management
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Internal Energy Management

In three easy steps

First step Understanding energy in our functional psyche Our Central Nervous System (or Psyche as we may call it for narrative easiness – as in the common compound words “psychiatrist,” “psychology,” etc) is an inner self-controlling system, with specific psyche centers: 1. Conscience (center of knowing sensory pictures, as the “statue of liberty”). 2. Mind (center of thinking with words, as the name “statue of liberty”). 3. Memory (center of saving automatically verbal and sensory pictures). 4. Imagination (a center between memory and conscience where we can see inwardly all of them).

All these psyche centers operate with nervous energy or inner electricity. For example, a picture or a word shoots automatically in our memory some charge of nervous electricity in order to energize some relevant verbal or sensory representation of an apple, a glass, a building and we see it internally in our imagination.

Equilibrium, the goal of psyche: This inner nervous energy normally is relaxed when it reaches an equilibrium between the main inner centers, (mainly between conscience and mind), when we are able and willing to describe verbally what we sense directly. It also is in accordance with external energy as well, by recognizing with clarity and understanding “pictures” coming from the surrounding. When we are able and willing to sense, comprehend and describe a “picture” our psyche reaches a balance between main inner psyche centers, as well as inside out, with energy in external reality.

Second step Understanding the heart of a problem There are cases however, when we don’t receive and describe with clarity a certain picture because we are either unable (because of darkness, speed, missing data, etc) or unwilling (because of ugly, repulsive, insulting data, etc). In cases like this our psyche cannot or would not see with clarity and describe a picture in order to be through with it, completing inwardly a full, clear and healthy energy cycle.

The mind is unable to work without a clear and comprehensible picture, so the energy that goes with it remains unprocessed in us as an emotional charge pending inside us eccentric and unprocessed, and our overall energy is pushed out of balance. In a few words, the inability or unwillingness to deal with some sensory data is the real energy problem, because it leads to the accumulation of eccentric inner emotional energy, which causes the loss of energy equilibrium.

Third step The silent correction We may define an energy problem as any energy misalignment between memory and reality, but we may solve this problem without using any words or pictures. All we have to do is turn our attention to the energy charge itself where we feel it and not to a picture corresponding to it in our memory and accept directly this eccentric charge of energy, feel it, love it, accept it - the energy itself and not any verbal or sensory picture of it in memory. We shouldn’t do any thinking at all in cases like this. Thinking means energizing some mnemonic sensory or verbal material and we must avoid energizing any mnemonic data.

The direct energy administration: What I am talking about here is a matter of accepting strictly and directly an energy charge and not of understanding it with some verbal or sensory material. Accepting directly the energy charge itself is the correct way to absorb this pending energy directly without talking or thinking about it, in order to reach an overall equilibrium the only balanced state that can Save Our Soul.

Our psyche is actually a quantity of nervous energy, that’s why it longs for energy charges and loves them and wants to be one with all of them and relaxes only when it absorbs these eccentric energy charges. And this is the ultimate target, a balanced and relaxed psyche. Attention! We should not “push away” this energy charge by putting up a fight with any verbal or sensory pictures that stand for it in memory and explain it and giving it a meaning and a meaningful good or bad existence, but actually accept directly the charge of energy in order to absorb it. This is the only way to finish up once for all these inner problems and get rid of them.

Understanding energy itself: Energy in itself can very well be nothing else beside that: energy, which is neither good nor bad. It has, that is, no inherent intention of doing either good or bad. Energy in itself is just an energy charge, a potential. It is “bad” if only and when it is connected with some memory material that give it as bad, and it is “good” if only and when it is connected with some relevant memory material.

Energy alone is just a potential and if we are fighting it and pushing it away we only multiply the eccentric energy accumulation problem, because our psyche needs energy, loves it. That’s what we always do normally anyway with any experience; we accept directly or indirectly some quantity of energy every time. A simile: We should not get carried away by what we actually do everyday, when we normally accept energy by accepting energized real or mnemonic pictures, as we eat the jam spread on a slice of bread. Here we talk only of how to accept the jam itself directly and nothing else ever at all. Actually no words and sensory pictures are needed at all, only knowing and accepting precisely that eccentric energy charge. Nothing else.

The happy end This is the direct way to get rid of pending eccentric energy charges by absorbing them directly and reach a perfect overall inner energy equilibrium, in a simple, clean and easy way that can really Save Our Soul. Only you can do this just by yourself and for yourself. Fear nothing! Just do it! It actually is very easy and our psyche longs for it and once you find why and how you can absorb eccentric energy charges in you and arrive at inner equilibrium, you take care not to lose this state ever again. It is that simple and easy and it is all-important for you to be one piece and balanced inwardly. Find inner equilibrium. It is the best state you can find yourself in. It is so easy you actually don’ t know you have got it. No bell will ring; no red light will flash or anything at all. It is very simple to be one piece and balanced. You’ll love it.

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