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The Key Of Your Destiny Is In Your Hands - Just Open The Door To Meet Your Big Dream
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Holding the key of your own destiny - this sounds frightening and, in the same time, exhilarating. God granted us all that we might need to reach any dream coming from the deep of our inner self: cleverness, imagination, strong will, persistence, intuition, power of intention, talents, enthusiasm and many other tools to use in the process of achieving our big life's goal.

In exchange, God expects us to dig inside our soul, find out which is our big goal and go for it. He also wants us to trust and believe in our dream. If we are faithful, He will help us to reach our target. We will meet the right people, get the right information, be at the perfect moment where we need to be. The circumstances and situations will change to support us in our attempt.

We see the magic happening in our lives. No fear, no doubt, no desperation. We just know that our dream is becoming true. And we go on the meet our future. Nothing is for us too difficult or impossible. There are no limits. Even if we encounter difficulties - and for sure we will have to clear many obstacles - we will overpass them becoming more strengthened.

We are the only ones in charge of our destiny. Either we fail or we succeed is our own responsibility. When we realize this truth very clear, we become unstoppable.

It is not easy to get into this feeling. The secret is to be in touch with your big dream. If you haven't found it yet, probably you are asking how to find the purpose of you life and take destiny in your hands.

Searching Google you will find a great many methods and tips proposed by specialists in personal development. The specialist might help you discover yourself, but keep in mind that only you can find out your purpose, no one else could be responsible for this task in your place.

I tell you how I did - maybe it will help you to figure what to do.

First of all, be patient and analyze yourself carefully. Think about how you would like your life to be and about what you would like to do. Brain storm your passions and put your imagination at work. Don't think to the reasons you cannot have nor do something. Just brainstorm. Allocate for this process several days or even weeks. Think, review, then think again and review again. Write lists with wishes, activities and hobbies. Make sketches, drawings if you express yourself better this way. Stretch your imagination as much as you can. Don't filter anything, just imagine (like you would be in front of the Golden Fish who is ready to grant you any wish).

Secondly, think about each idea you have written and then reduce the list at ten - fifteen ideas to analyze further. Think which one of them gives you an emotion when you think about. Watch carefully your feelings. Chose the idea which make you feel enthusiastic, even if you don't see any possibility to go for it for the moment.

The third step in the process is very important. Build a vision of your future based on the idea you selected and stick on it (don't change the vision frequently!). If you don't feel comfortable with the vision yet, maybe you have to go again through the first two steps. When your vision is clear, write it on a piece of paper and read it several times per day imagining at the same time how will look like your life when your dream will be coming true.

It is very important to get used with your vision and create a habit out of its repetition until you feel it real for you.

Now, it is the moment to make a plan. Start to write on a paper what you have to do to reach your vision then select the activities which you can do already (maybe to develop some skills, to search for another job, to enroll in a club or in a school). Keep a journal with what you are doing daily and don't assume to do too much each day. It is enough to allocate one hour per day for your goal. At this stage is very important to create a habit, the foundation of your building.

Each step you make will get you closer to your dream. You will start to see progress and circumstances will help you. You will also feel more and more confident and your life will begin to change by miracle.

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