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What is Truth? It is what you perceive to be reality. This is why many humans differ in their ideology for they see things, feel things, know things from the life around them, and this differs with each individual, as each human is unique. How can a human be unique and seek to share a universal truth which is the same for everyone? This is the paradox of spiritual knowledge, as what seems to be impossible becomes possible. It is the wonder of life itself, for life seemingly comes from nothing to become something, hence the wonder of God’s kingdom and the glory of his creations.

The truth is that creativity comes from the unseen into the seen. From an idea within the mind a new concept is formed and brought by magical and mystical means into physical manifestation. The grander of ideas can manifest as beauty in art or design, in construction or formation being natural or manmade. A flower is one of natures beautiful adornments and a statue is a man’s way of capturing living history. A landscape painting is a representation in time to capture the image of a beautiful scene.

In nature that scene is a living landscape which changes with the seasons and by the hand of man depict fields used for farming or grazing or reflects the natural woods, lakes and dales of countryside. Truth may be fluid or static, for when we look at the stars in the night sky, we see then in our flat vision, when in reality they are housed in a holographic space where the vision can alter according to the angle of viewing.

The truth may be a rude awakening for an uneducated mind, like the discovery that the world was round instead of flat, as it was generally thought some time ago. The fact that nature shows us rounds and cycles at every turn, shows how slow we are to grasp the understanding of the essential basic structures of nature, which have been around us all the time. As a child we are taught by teachers who may themselves be limited in such knowledge or ways. This is where the human can engage in self education, by contacting the spiritual sources, who will offer teachings from the halls of learning. These educational centres reside in the spiritual realms for the minds of many living beings, to access truths of various kinds.

Subjects differ, from the many cultures and dialogues existing around the known universe. Concepts and ideas are encapsulated in form structures, housed within the etheric storehouses. These are the blueprints ready for manifestation into outer realisation, regardless of the destination or ultimate focus of expression of a blueprint, the principal structural idea is housed and recorded for all to access.  The etheric and physical dimensions are intertwined, as within the physical worlds, it is the etheric matter which interpenetrates the spaces between the parts of manifested matter, and transfers essential particles, being unseen light aspects of vital ingredients, making up the animated physical form structure.

That which passes through the etheric substance to feed the physical cells and tissues, is the substance which provides life giving essence to the animated form, and is the source through which the divine light of love manifests into material adornment. Three etheric planes send forth their vibrations to become the four manifested streams of physical formation being mineral, vegetable, animal and human forms. Within the human form can be seen the seven energy nodes or centres, rising from the base of the spine to the crown node at the top of the head. When all is vibrating in perfect accord, the human structural form shines brightly in harmony and balance, and with all systems working perfectly, the human being experiences full and maximum power flow to all its parts. It mirrors the cosmic universe in miniature for it is a perfect reflection of the inner dimension manifested into outward realisation.

The material form is the fulfilment of the etheric blueprint and exists as an expression of spirit in matter.  The truth is laid bare for all to examine and for those who do, is given the insight of a divine revelation. A human being is a universe of systems and planets that revolve and circulate within the physical body frame and flowing energy is transported around this structure to replenish and keep active the many parts and systems interpenetrating the many sub-parts which make up the whole being. Within the human is seen a reflection of the great cosmos and so many answers are hereto presented, if the view is directed inwards to the mirror image of the outer reality.

A cyclic nature impinges upon the various parts of outer nature, so does the inner body systems renew and revitalise, as old is replace with new. Eventually the structure will cease to function and be replaced with another, often a replica, being a son or daughter to continue the line of evolution. Development and growth is always around to bring greater expansion of the physical and mental processes, so that the humans living in a certain time span, can measure advancements, as events and circumstances unfold.

Such are the truths of existence for a human being who assesses his or her life, by the amount of time residing upon the physical planet. Remember your other life, the unseen life of thoughts, feelings and sensing, the energies of other life forms around you that you know and can sense even while you live in a different dimension of life. This is the true reality that gives you life progression, for you will return time and time again, into and out of the physical dimension you presently inhabit.  

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