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Trash The Old Script And Make A New One Possiblly Your Biggest Adventure Yet
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Trash the Old Script And Make A New One Possiblly Your Biggest Adventure Yet

Today is the day and this is the moment. There is no other moment, not right now anyway.

What if from here on out you could replace all that bullshit in your head with whatever you wanted?

*--What new script would you write for yourself?

What if at this exact moment you could truly own yourself, your whole self, your entire being?

*--Not the media, your family or friends, not your boss, not your god?

What if right this very second there were no prior rules already set to apply to your life?

*--What would you do different?

What if while sitting here reading this you realized that you never had to apologize for being authentically you ever again?

*--What dreams would you live out?

What if the only thing you ever had to do ever again was bring all the love and light that is uniquely you to whatever it is that you're doing at this moment, nothing more and nothing less?

*--Could you relax? Could you let go?

What if you could look yourself in the mirror right now seeing every exposed nook and cranny, every hair, mole, muscle, stretch mark, skin flap, patch of cellulite, wrinkle, your gut, muffin top or six pack, every little uneven bit of beautiful human imperfection and love every inch and pound of it, I mean really love it?

*--Would you stop comparing yourself to others?

What if you could look yourself in the eye and proclaim your devoted and undying love for yourself not matter what?

*--Who would you become?

What if you knew that you had what it takes to make all of your dreams come true already inside of you?

*--What would you search for now?

What if you knew that nothing could stop you from achieving your goals, not even yourself?

*What would you do?

*How would you feel?

*Where would you go?

*Who would you love?

What does freedom feel like?

Are you scared?

Do these questions make you want to run and hide, switch back to your social network, the tv, that cookie, the clothes rack, the drink, your homework, your job?

Do they invoke a stirring in your guts? Somewhere deep within? Deeper than your physical self?

What if you could not only be loved but be love?

What would the world look like then?

There is no instruction manual for the living.

Past experience does not ever dictate how this current moment will go.

This is it.

This moment.

No rules.

No apologies.

Bring it!

Adventure Tip:

Living a life of freedom is rewarding but can also be difficult and tiring. I suggest an awesome soundtrack. I call mine the "Going Pro Soundtrack". It's full of songs that stir my guts, that make me cry tears of self-slavery ending joy, that make me want to take action, that make me want to bust my ego, that make me want to spread the love. It's full of songs that are impossible for me to hear and not follow my heart. Sometimes I listen to all the songs but more often one strikes me on a certain day and I listen to it all day. Today that song is Fall by M83 Vs. Big Black Delta (wait for it...2:30). Today, all day, while writing this blog and at this very moment, listening to this song, I know that I create my own effing destiny! What's on your gut stirring play list? Share with us!

Thanks for reading!

Do you have a friend that could benefit from my "words of wisdom"? Share this with them! You never know how one tiny thought or action could completely change someone's life.

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