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Why God When Life Falls Apart?
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Inevitably when hell breaks loose as with a broken relationship, we turn to God. There are dozens of questions. Why did God let this happen to us? Why me God? Did we forsake God and this is his payback? Is he testing our faith? Doesn't he care about me? Did the devil take over my spouse? Is it because I sinned? Did I not attend church enough? Why am I forsaken? What does God want me to learn about all this?

We look to God as if he were an entity-a deity who is watching over us and maybe has some invested interest in what happens to us. Somehow he keeps score and makes things happen for a reason.

This view point can literally drive one crazy. Yet, it's the predominate belief of most religions. Christians are told of the gates guarded by Saint Peter who is the keeper of the keys to the pearly gates leading to the kingdom of God. Sometime after you die, there's judgment day and those not fit to enter the pearly gates of heaven are denied entrance and are sent to hell.

Religion is totally based on interpretation respective scriptures written in languages no longer spoken. The interpretation of these scriptures results in the respective bibles which is in large about how to live the golden rule-do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The good books tell you how to live life in preparation for this one judgment day to determine your after life.

Everyone agrees that God created every universe and all that is. Even though nothing is mentioned about the science that went into the creating of all universes, it would be apparent that God knows everything there is to know about, for instance, mathematics. God would also know everything about chemistry, physics, biology, and probability.

In fact rather than God being some "all knowing being" as maybe you've seen in a early Star Trek episode, God is the laws of physics, mathematics, probability, biology and chemistry. In fact what we define as five laws is just one law of the universe--the law of nature.

Remember when the scriptures were written, man knew very little about any of these sciences. And the scriptures were written by man who at the time was consumed with the events of history which at that time were severely void of any fair democratic governments. In fact the world was littered with mostly conquerors and monarchs who abused their subjects.

The laws of mathematics, probability, biology, physics, and chemistry (the laws of nature) is God and every living and non living thing is the manifestation of these laws. Everything is God. You and I are the manifestation of God. You and I are God. The earth worm, mosquito, red bird, snake, tree, amoeba, grass, bacterium, rock, dirt, monkey, lion, dinosaur, Morgellons skin parasites, and so on are also God. Ask anyone suffering from Morgellons about the disease and they will tell you that they hope God will help them find a solution to the relentless itching and biting symptoms of the skin parasites. The idea that Morgellons skin parasites are a manifestation of God--(that they are Morgellons is also God--in fact may have been created by man (God)) is a difficult concept for them to accept. What we are and everything we may become is God. The irony is that we are fighting ourselves and the amazing news is that a basic diet (discovered by God) alleviates the symptoms. The laws of nature enable biological entities to evolve. This same war goes on with all bacteria, viruses, and diseases.

Every living and non living thing has an energy or energies as there is a relationship between mass and energy which only in the last one hundred years have we begun to understand.

When we understand the laws of nature, we'll understand the reality of angels, spirit world, after life, faith healing, mental telepathy, and so on.

As our world evolved the law of probability first determined that dinosaurs evolved. And later probability determined that an asteroid would collide with the earth which would dramatically change the climate-the climate necessary to sustain dinosaurs. Probability again came into play to evolve humans from lower life forms.

Does God care what happens to each of us? Absolutely, you care (you are God), many who love you care (they are God) and often times those who we don't even know care (they are God too). But through your understanding the laws of nature, you create your own destiny and learn how to build self worth to deal with personal crisis or build a personal change personal improvement plan.

Why does an innocent child drown in the back yard swimming pool? Why is the innocent child born with cancer? Why was the fetus lost before it was born? How do those who feel that everything happens for a reason explain this? So the parents may come closer together? Because God called the child to heaven? The bottom line is that the jaw is left hanging searching for an explanation until you look at God as the laws of nature.

If you or I, or a child (each God) defies the laws of physics (gravity) the probability is that disaster may result as in a drowning. If you or I, or a child (each God) defies the laws of biology and chemistry, the probability is that cancer of the fetus might be the result or there's a probability that the fetus may never be born, or any number of issues.

The more we know about the laws of nature (God) (which governs everything) the longer we'll live and the healthier we'll be. Nevertheless there's the law of probability which is always looming and about which sometimes we can do little as we just might be for no particular reason at the wrong place at the wrong time.

What about the killer earth quakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and the tsunamis? They too are the manifestations of the laws of nature and likewise God. They exist for no purpose. They just are as our planet evolves. Likewise there's a probability that there is an asteroid that may hit our planet and destroy our environment (assuming our green house habits don't destroy it first). It has no purpose.

In summary, why God? That's like asking, Why you? Yes, in the midst of crisis, who do you turn to? Answer: You turn to you (God) to connect wth infinite wisdom and knowledge to find a greater good from disaster.

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