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Your Kid Is Gay Accept It!
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There is a lot of information and debate all over the world about men being gay. I am the mother of a gay son. I have read a lot of the information, the scientific proof and what not.

Personally, I believe my son is gay because the whole time I was pregnant, I kept saying that I wanted a boy. I went so far as to say “If it’s a girl, it’s going back.”

Before you run away thinking that I’m a bad mother, let me explain. All my life I was a tomboy, I was the girl that all the boys feared. Perhaps, because I used to play tackle football on the street. All of my good friends have mostly been male. I’m just not the type to do “frilly”.

I was 5 months pregnant before I even found out. I was a 27 year old party girl. Boy did I have to make some changes. I didn’t know I was having a boy until the day he arrived. They placed him on my chest and I looked down at him. His big blue eyes were starring right back at me. The feeling of being a mother came to me instantly.

I thought he was going to be a lady killer. He was blonde, blue eyed and white as a ghost. He got his completion from me. He always played with girls. But it was mostly girls in the neighborhood so…..

Then I started seeing signs that he might be gay. All of my relatives were seeing the signs as well. It didn’t bother me because he is my son and I love him for who he is.

As time went on, and he started growing up, I saw more signs. When he was in high school, he hung out with all the pretty girls. All of the other guys would mess with him because they were jealous. See girls feel safer with gay boys because they don’t have to worry about them pawing all over them. HA, the head cheerleader from his high school lives with us now!

He went through so much trying to find his identity. Then he met some other gay and lesbian people who quickly became his friends. When he finally came out, I was so relieved.

The purpose of this article is to try to gain support and acceptance for people who are different. People don’t make fun of other people who are in wheelchairs unless they are complete asses. He has several friends whose parents don’t accept their sexual orientation. Gay teens and young adults have so much more pressure without having their parents not accepting who they are. Bullying people who are gay is causing a record number of teen suicides. It has to stop some how!

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