Have A Thai Law Firm Review Rental Contract Before You Move Into A New Bangkok Pad
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For foreigners having newly relocated to Thailand, among the various issues they’ll need to deal with is finding a suitable place to live. Once they do, a local Thai law firm can come in handy if they want to go over a rental agreement before signing it.

Finding a condo, townhouse or house that meets all of the accommodation hunter’s requirements such as rental price, location, size, nearby amenities and ease of access can be a lengthy and tiring process in a familiar city, let alone a city that’s new and as yet unfamiliar.

The bustling metropolis of the Thai capital Bangkok serves up an enormous choice of apartments, condominiums, townhouses and houses in a wide choice of neighbourhoods and inner city and city outskirts locations.

For those who aren’t really up for conducting their own ‘feet on the street’ searches, Bangkok has numerous real estate agents which can help in the search for a place to live based, for example, on location and rental price preferences.

There are also what’s known as ‘freelancer’ or part time agents who essentially work on their own, many of whom can offer comparable portfolios to the real estate agents depending on how long they’ve been involved in the business and how well connected they are with renters around town.

The rental process in Bangkok is relatively straight forward compared to some other cities in Asia, with the real estate agent or freelancer typically handling both sides of the deal. They will liaise between the landlord and potential renter and arrange for a meeting when the contract is ready to be signed.

Usually a condominium or apartment rental contract in Bangkok is a for a 12 month minimum, with a two month security deposit and first month’s rental required before moving in. Contracts can often be negotiated for a shorter rental period, but usually no less than six months.

There are many a law firm in Thailand which include document review and creation among the various legal services and advice they provide to foreigners, covering Thai labour law, Thai law in general, Thailand work permit and visa issues, starting a business in Thailand, accounting, auditing and tax consulting and other areas.

One such Thai law firm says that, while many renters will say their rental or lease agreement is standard, it regularly comes across errors and omissions in contracts its clients have asked it to review.

The company’s standard advice to potential renters is that it’s always a good idea to get a lawyer’s comments on the terms of the contract to make sure these are legal, complete and enforceable if necessary. This is particularly true when the renter is in a foreign country other than their own.

The advantages of engaging the services of a Thailand lawyer can include the review of a contract to make sure the renter’s interests are protected and to make sure it fully and accurately describes each party’s duties and does not include any hidden charges.

Of course these services aren’t limited to just rental agreements. These firms can also be hired to assist in the purchase or sale of property like condominiums by foreigners, title searches, Thailand property taxes, transfer of property and more.

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