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4 Tips To Make A Small Room Look Bigger
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4 Tips to Make A Small Room Look Bigger

How does one actually make a small room look bigger? You cannot actual make it look bigger unless you demolish the whole unit and create a bigger space. But there is a way you can make small rooms in your home, apartment, condominium look big. We see interior design using interesting tricks to create depth, character and great design. You don't need to be interior designer to create good work but the knowledge and creativity to know what to include and include basically. Here are 4 tips to make a small room look bigger creativity:

Use Mirrors: The good thing with mirrors is they reflect light in direct directions .It doesn't matter either day or night they bounce off natural and artificial light. Find a good spot like on a bare wall without any decor and place it there.

Remove clutter: Clutter is a "biggie". Have a cleaning spree and clean you room. You will not be able to decorate without getting rid of your clutter. Find better ways to store books in piles, clothes and reassign again where everything else goes in your room. This doesn't only leave you with space to work with but its is cleaner which is healthy for you. As you clear your room, you will be able to create an area of focus like a sitting area which you cannot achieve when you room is cluttered.

Use paint: The lighter the paint, the better because the more light reflection to give an illusion of a bigger space. Don't paint your walls black and expect them to create a bigger space because this will close in on the space and absorb light. Colors in beige, creams, sea blues , lighter shades of grays do a good job. Do your research and test which color you like to paint. Using a good paint color will also create the illusion of taller walls giving your home more dimension. One way to pick paint color is to choose a consistent color in your decor and follow along.

Different textures: Avoid going for the same color scheme in your room. Try something different. Use rugs, pillows, tribal patterns with all different styles to create depth into your room. Using the same kind of texture and patterns will create the same palette This doesn't make the room look big but also remove the focus on the small room and make it look longer and wider.

To conclude if you want to make a small room look bigger, try using mirrors, get rid of clutter in your rooms, apply different textures, and use light colored paints to reflect off more light in your room. Be inspired !!!

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