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A Ladder For Many Uses
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A Ladder for Many Uses

I took my grandson to the pediatrician the other day and each of the examining rooms had a different theme. We were guided into the fire truck room where the examining bed, (which looked like a fire truck), had steps to get up on it. My grandson was so excited because of the steps and it got my imagination flowing.

My grandfather was an engineer at the local fire station. What I remember most about him is the haircut and the black shoes. He had that old school fireman flat top haircut and his boots were always perfectly shiny. I always thought that he had to be the strongest man alive and I just knew that I would always be protected.

So I guess it would be of no surprise that young boys would be fascinated with the whole picture of what a fireman represents. Be it the bright lights on the fire truck and the loud noises it makes or the image of the fireman saving the day. Of course being a female, I did not run after this as something that I wanted to be when I grew up, but I understood it.

I searched the internet for more ideas and I found this picture of an old ladder that is being used as a book shelf. I thought, what a really cool idea and it does not look like it would be too difficult to attach to the wall.

What if you took this idea a few steps farther and actually paint the ladder to match your room you are remodeling and hang “S” hooks along the bottom. These hooks could be of different sizes and would be movable; this could give a child’s room great character and easy organization.

It is amazing the ideas that I found for old wooden ladders.

Below are just some of the ways I found that people have used them for:

-Hang the ladder from the kitchen ceiling and use to hang pots and pans

-A shoe holder

-Hang long ways and use it for setting framed pictures on

-Use it in the garden as decoration and set various plants on it

-Use it in the bathroom as a towel rack

-Set it in a corner at Christmas time and decorate it with lights

-Use it in a bedroom corner and put knick knacks on it

-Set it in the backyard and use it for bird houses

-Hang it on the ceiling of a covered deck and hang assorted lamps that use candles

These are just a few ideas I found.... have any of these inspired you? Do you have a unique idea for a ladder? Please do share!

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Thanks for the awesome ideas.

  about 5 years ago
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