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How To Update Your Kitchen
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How to Update Your Kitchen

Some of us would like our kitchens renovated but we all know kitchen renovations can be expensive especially if you don't have enough funds to do it. Look at a few appliances that one needs in a kitchen nowadays cost over $1000. With the economy recovering slowly, it is still difficult to come up with quick cash to meet such needs. One thing i have noticed with a slow economic growth is people are forced to become creative. This is what i will be showing you, how to be creative as you update our kitchen in a few inexpensive ways. Here they are:

Add a tile of back splash: What is back splash? This is a wall covering which is mounted above counter spaces to protect walls from spills, stains and also for decoration purposes. As we can see, a back splash has more purposes than just looking pretty. They add character to your kitchen and give your kitchen a face lift. Applying one is also very simple. You can personally do it without a need of a construction worker.

  • To install the back splash tile, first check the walls are dry and if they are able to hold the tile .
  • You will need to pick a tile of your choice from any home store like Home Depot, Sears.
  • Measure the wall with a tape measure and create lines to help fit the tiles properly.
  • Add wall tile adhesive to small portions and work in small sections.
  • Add the wall back splash and align it and press it firmly to fit well.
  • Add grout to the top of the tile to help fill up the joints between the tiles.
  • Leave to dry. After drying, with water and a sponge, remove the grout off the tile until you can see the tiles clearly.
  • Dry off with a clean cloth and apply a silicone caulk where the tile meets with the counter top.

Try new flooring: Don't you like the sound of something new? New flooring can be inform of wood, tile, marble. It is your pick. New floors can change a lot in a kitchen. Some of you, this could be what all you need. Look for some quality materials from your home improvement stores and begin updating!!! Another advantage of adding new flooring to your kitchen is it adds value to your home encouraging more offers in case you are selling your home.

Add wall pictures /garden accessories: Accessories are a great way of updating your kitchen. You can find inexpensive garden accessories like flowers. If you are opting for flowers, you can even try artificial flowers which always last longer than real flowers. There are some artificial flowers that look realistic that you can add to your kitchen counters. Try candles, sea shells, or wall paintings. These are items that you can easily access. Step out of your comfort zone and be your own designer.

Update your Cabinets: You can bring a whole new look to your kitchen by changing your cabinets. Try glass cabinets to create more room to your space. If changing the cabinets is out of your price range, try paint them to your desired color. You could change the knobs of your cabinets to update them. Be creative!!!

Get rid of clutter: I am guilty of this one. Life gets so busy and a lot accumulates in my home especially in the kitchen. If your kitchen is cluttered, get rid of the clutter. Nothing makes a kitchen look outdated than clutter. Cluttered kitchens look unkempt and smaller because of the clamped space. Not a good look. Chances are you don't need most of the clutter you have around your kitchen. You could even give away or sell what you don't need and get organised. Keep the floors clear from trash, extra books to get a cleaner look.

Change your counter tops: If you have plastic counter tops, try marble. You even paint your counter tops instead of replacing them with new tops. If you opt to paint your counter top, choose your desired color, clean the surface to remove dirt. You will need to sand the counter top lightly to remove any sand. Add primer to the cleaned surface and let it dry. After drying, apply a layer of your quality paint and add if desired. Seal with top gloss. You're done!!!

Try a new wall color: This is another cheap way to update your kitchen. Color can change the mood of your atmosphere. White is still a traditional wall color but try new colors in beige, reds, blues. A color change can make your kitchen give an illusion of a wider and bigger look if you use lighter colors other than whites.

Updating your kitchen doesn't require a lot of effort like it seems but just a few decisions to be made and you can achieve what you are looking for.

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