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About Streaming The Bbc Iplayer Outside The Uk On Android, Mac, Windows, And Ios
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About Streaming the Bbc Iplayer Outside The Uk on Android, Mac, Windows, And Ios

The BBC iPlayer has been expanding its service to other countries and is now available in 11 counties in Europe. Canada, The US, and Australia are sure to be somewhere in the next stop for this popular UK TV streaming service, but that still leaves a lot of British TV fans out of luck. Not only is the rest of the world left out, but also anyone who lives in these 'approved' countries that's not using an iPad app won't be able to stream the BBC iPlayer outside The UK. This is true regardless of your nationality.

iPlayer is able to block users based on IP address. You can change this by using a VPN.

A VPN is a way to hide your real IP address. It's used by businesses and educational institutions, and even the military as a way to communicate with other users and computer over long distances, while maintaining a private and secure connection. Through a combination of data encryption and VPN tunneling we're able to browse the internet 'anonymously' - with a virtual IP address.

Though streaming TV fans may be indifferent to the security and private features of using a VPN while connected to the internet, it's those privacy features that prevents websites from seeing our true location in the world. The IP address assigned to you by the VPN server reflects the country where it is located. That means when you connect to a VPN server in The UK, you get a UK IP address.

VPNs can be used on your phone and your computer. Android and iOS devices will come with VPN 'clients', AKA software that will allow you to use the VPN. You don't have to worry about this. Nokia phones using Symbian OS and some other smartphones may require that you install a VPN client before installing the VPN software. Mac, Linux, and Windows also have VPN clients. To connect to a VPN on your internet TV, you need to use a VPN router, or get a VPN set up on your laptop and stream through your laptop to your TV.

This means that you can stream the BBC iPlayer outside The UK on a wide variety of devices regardless of which country you're in. You can also use this VPN software to connect to other UK TV streaming sites, as well as geo-restricted sites of other countries as long as the VPN service you sign up for provides access to VPN server in those countries.

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