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Choosing Your Overseas Home
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Choosing Your Overseas Home

Choices, Choices, Choices

Now that you are thinking that you might experience overseas living, where should you go? The answer depends on many considerations. When choosing a new home, think about the following:

1. Which countries will accept new residents? Some of us have a rather egocentric view and think that we would be welcomed anywhere, but the fact is many countries do not offer residency. Do your research ahead of time to find out the countries that will accept newcomers from your home country. Also for consideration is the amount of time, effort and money that each country requires for residency. They all vary greatly.

2. What is the weather like? What do you prefer, perpetual sun? Four seasons? Is it something that you are used to or can get used to? Many South and Central American countries experiences heat and humidity that can be overwhelming to those unaccustomed to it. Likewise, if aren’t comfortable with long periods of cold weather and snow, you might want to avoid countries in parts of Europe.

3. Do you speak the language? If not, would you be willing to learn it? A lot of time and effort would need to go into learning a new language. Is it reasonable to think that you would actually do it?

4. Culture. Is the culture one that you are familiar with, appreciate and would enjoy being a part of? We often take for granted the everyday interactions we have in our home country. Would you be comfortable living overseas in a totally different culture?

5. Affordability. Living overseas might be less expensive or it could cost even more. It all depends on the country you choose and the lifestyle you are seeking. For example, you can live extremely inexpensively in Paraguay but other parts of South America might cost more. Paraguay offers basic, quiet, inexpensive living, while other South American countries might offer more cultural activities, restaurants and languages with a higher cost of living. Different countries offer diverse choices. What might seem inexpensive to one person could be unaffordable to another.

Living overseas is an exciting endeavor. It is also one that requires careful thought and planning in order to be content in your new home. What things can you live without? What things can you become accustomed to? Unfortunately, some people travel or move overseas expecting all the comforts of their home country. If you do this you are setting yourself up for disappointment and limiting your growth as a human being. If things were so perfect in your home country, you wouldn’t have thought about leaving in the first place. Part of the appeal of living overseas is that you will be experiencing new people, places and things. Choosing your new home is all about choices - choices that will make you happy.

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