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Christmas Time!
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When it comes to Christmas the whole world thinks of gifts and happy Gatherings. Let’s not forget to mention warmth of the house when family and friends come over to visit. All the good food and desserts are all associated with Christmas.

What happens when a large population of the world is unemployed? Do they stop celebrating Christmas because they can’t afford the holiday? Believe it or not but this year some family are going to have to lessen the gifts and rely on what they have.

This year family is going to have to rely on love and each others company as opposed to who has the best gifts and biggest parties. Isn’t that the way Christmas is suppose to be. Are these not the values that originally made Saint Nicholas go out and deliver his presents.

Originally this was what Saint Nicholas created. He didn’t give everyone gifts and help people out because he cared about the gifts. I believed that Saint Nicholas wanted to restore the love in households and help those who could not help themselves.

I believe that this Christmas will be difficult for many. With the recession fluctuating up and down and people employed one day and unemployed the next. I believe that even though we are in a recession that people shouldn’t lose sight of the real ideology behind Christmas.

Just because we are in a recession doesn't mean that we can turn our backs on the ones we love. Christmas gifts are not what the season is about. Christmas is about giving and receiving. Everyone lost sight of that.

Giving and receiving doesn’t mean only gifts. We can give love to one another as a community. We can also give support to each other because one person can only make a difference if he has others who support him and help him succeed.

Isn’t that what Christmas is about. A recession is a very devastating time. Nothing we have close to us is safe. I was once told that everything can be taken from someone and that person still has their heart and mind. That saying holds true today just because it seems that the recession is taking everything away from us that doesn’t mean we have nothing.

Remember this Christmas season that hope,giving, and love is what started Christmas in the first place. It is not fair just because we are in a recession to lose sight of that. We are what we create this season despite the hardship the recession has caused remember you created Christmas every year with love of the ones around you.

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