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How To Help A Charity Without Giving Money
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How to Help A Charity Without Giving Money

Due to the current financial climate, giving money to charity is not always a feasible option for many people and families. As we batten down the hatches for a cold, wet winter, many people are unsure of how next year will work out due to many redundancies and companies downgrading. Fortunately, giving to charity does not always have to be in monetary terms. There are many other ways to help give to charity that won't cost you a penny, and are just as important as any financial donation. Here's a quick rundown on ways that you can really help a charity without having to get your wallet out.

Give Blood

It may seem like an obvious example, but giving blood is an amazing way help people, and it only takes 10 minutes. Men can give blood every 3 months and women every 4, so you really will be helping someone in need by offering up a pint of the red stuff for someone who desperately needs it.

Donate an Old Computer

I'm pretty sure that most houses around the UK have an old computer lying around that's gathering dust. The speed with which technology moves these days, a computer becomes out of date almost as soon as it's released! A great way to re-use your old hardware is to give them to a charity that distributes them to developing countries. What may be an old banger to us will get a lot of use in places where computers are scarce. Some charities have recycled more than a quarter of a million computers to over 100 countries worldwide, offering people in need to gain vital skills for a brighter future.

Volunteer Your Time

Your time for a charity is just as important as money, so why not volunteer to help out at one of the many organisations that always need extra help. You could take a couple of shifts in a charity shop, or help in a soup kitchen to provide much needed food and nourishment for people who don't have a lot. Your time is free, and can go a long way to helping a charitable organisation to continue their amazing work in helping people.

So there you go, three different ways that you can help a charity without giving money. Your time and effort is worth just as much as a financial donation, sometimes more, and your help is always greatly appreciated. If you are in a position to be able to make a donation for charity then there are a number of specialist websites where you can make donations, receive charitable gifts and even adopt animals on the other side of the world.

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