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Is 2ig The New Reverse Doomsday?
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Is 2ig the New Reverse Doomsday?

We've all heard of the notion of the world ending in 2012 due to the supposed Mayan doomsday prophesy. But what about a reverse doomsday scenario for 2012? It's a day when the world doesn't come to a horrific end, but instead things get uncommonly good? Well if 2ig has their way, that's exactly what three fortunate individuals will face.

Researchers are always looking for a challenge, so it's no wonder that a supposed secret, diverse, group of social technology researchers has launched an intriguing experiment that will allow them to gain a greater understanding of the inter-workings of the world wide web. Their name is 2ig (2012 Initiative Group), and whether you call them cyber Santas or the "Men in Black" of the internet, they're expected to make a silent, $20,000 difference in the lives of three lucky individuals.

Although the project is new, the concept isn't all that unique. You may recall the exciting red balloon challenge that was sponsored by the government organization, darpa, back in 2009. darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), released 10, large, red weather balloons at a specific time, all across the United States. The different locations were a mystery to everyone before the challenge started. Whoever was the first to report all 10 locations back to darpa, would receive $40,000. The experiment was to learn more about how the internet and social media play a role in broad organization and cooperation.

The new project sounds similar, but there are also quite a few major differences. 2ig has divulged three different internet links, or urls. The links are used as markers in order to track internet activity. They are introduced to the internet through different means, maybe as a link on a single web page, or a link in the body of a single E-mail message. Copies of the links multiply and travel throughout the internet by various means, such as E-mail forwarding, numerous new posts on social networks, or as multiplying, clickable links on individual web pages. On a specific date, there will be an assessment in order to see to what degree each link has permeated the internet. The internet will then be searched randomly in order to find a single copy of each link. $20,000 will be awarded for each of these found links. The money will go to each person who is most closely tied to posting each of the links that were found.

Here's an example of how it works. Suppose you run across one of the four links. Assuming that you recognize it as being such a link, you include it in one of your posts on facebook, or maybe you include it in an E-mail that you send to a friend. If you have your own website, you set it up as a clickable link on any given page, maybe even more than one page. When the search date arrives, if 2ig happens to pick one of your pages, E-mails, or posts, that contains the link, you'll get $20,000.

So how will you know if you have found one of the four links? 2ig isn't telling. They're leaving it up to internet users to figure it out. But they know that we're no dummies. There are certain clues that we could probably look for. First of all, look for links that you may notice popping up more and more. Also, it may be likely that the links have some sort of unnatural redirect associated with it, like a possible redirect error message when using it.

There continue to be more differences between this project and the red balloon challenge. Unlike the red balloon challenge, where it was expected that people's tactics would include organizing a large group so that they could work together to complete a given task, this is expected to be much more covert.

Another difference is that this entire experiment takes place exclusively on the internet. With the red balloon challenge, there were actual balloons that people were expected to notice in the outside world. With this project, there are only links to look for.

Probably the largest difference between the two projects is 2ig's secrecy. Unlike darpa, the individuals that make up 2ig are immensely hidden. An unofficial title like "The Men in Black of the internet" certainly fits, as no one really seems to know who they are, causing speculation that this too, may be some part of the experiment. Is there some sort of psychological aspect that we don't know about?

Along with 2ig's identity secrecy, the link search date also continues to be unknown. Because it appears to be linked to the 2012 Mayan doomsday scenario, many speculate New Years Day to be the date. Others may suggest Christmas. With all of the intense secrecy, 2IG may be hurting its own credibility as some skeptics believe the entire thing to be a hoax. But many believers aren't taking any chances, as both Christmas and New Years Day continue to approach.

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