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Simon Cowell To Launch World's Greatest DJ Talent Show
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Simon Cowell to Launch World\'s Greatest DJ Talent Show

Mr. Cowell is one busy man with multiple successful shows. American Idol and the X-Factor are apparently not enough for the business-savvy Simon as the rise of the DJ industry in recent years has caught enough attention for his production company to create yet another "original format" for the ultimate DJ talent show. The program has been in the works for over a year and surprisingly partnered with Jada Pinkett-Smith's husband's production company Overbrook Entertainment.

Star Power

Simon has certainly made the right decision for bringing Jada Pinkett-Smith aboard to star on the show and behind the scenes with Mr. Will Smith's production company. Sony Pictures Television is also a part of the show and this will combine to form a potentially successful global project as the emphasis is the "World's Best DJ." What is yet to be announced is whether or not auditions will be held in international locations to truly capture the world's greatest talent search for the ultimate DJ. The musical history of the two partners with Simon Cowell is sure to dazzle the audience worldwide, but it also raises an issue of popularity among the diverse American audiences.

Rock, Country, Hip Hop..and ...Techno?

How will the American audience respond to a new primetime show geared towards the masterful skills of the turn-table pros? The music usually associated with DJs is techno focused, not falling into any of the mainstream categories like Rock, Pop, Country, Rap, or Hip Hop; unless it is the use of the songs from these genres. The point is the audience may drastically be affected by this narrow selection of the type of music. A younger crowd is guaranteed as club music rules the underground, or the music world not relying on the airwaves for promotion.

Mixing Those Chops

In order to reach the 30 million viewers and not bomb in the first few shows really means that DJs will have to mix those chops - rather, they'll have to remix classic and modern songs for their minute and half or two minute show.

They'll get maybe one song or slices of multiple songs to ensure the entire audience can relate to the expertise in adding and mixing their personal touches to music already produced and on the airwaves. Music we know the words to, because if not, the audience will dwindle rapidly.

Best of All

Simon is quoted as saying he won't be a judge on the new DJ talent show, now this just might be the kicker that has audiences tuned in, just to see if it can succeed without the masterful "chops" Simon regularly dishes out in every show he judges.

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