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4 Reasons Why Your Online Business Is Doomed
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4 Reasons Why Your Online Business is Doomed

We have all the stories about wild internet success, some of them true, some of them not so true. Either way, the stories have probably made some of us wish that we could enjoy some of that internet success. In fact, many have gone on to start their own internet businesses in hopes of catching some of the success they've heard about. But, wait, not so fast; can you just buy a domain, create a website, sit back, and wait for the money to come rolling in? I'm afraid not. But far to many people think that's how it happens. Unfortunately, they will be sorely disappointed. If you have started or are thinking about starting an internet business, here are 4 reasons why your online business is doomed.

Lack of Understanding

If you thought that all those successful did to make money on the internet was to setup a website and then get lucky, you really lack an understanding of what internet marketing is all about. So, if your plan is to do exactly what you thought they did, you will be doomed! You can ask anyone who's ever tried internet marketing, those who have succeeded or those who have failed, and they will tell you that it takes way more than just setting us a good looking website with a catchy name and then crossing your fingers. Your chances of being successful with that strategy are about as good as hitting the lottery. Yes, it is possible. But, boy is it a longshot!

Expecting to Earn Money Right Away

Just like any business being built to make a profit, the online business is no different. Success in online marketing requires the same kind of work and effort that a brick and mortor business does. It won't require the same amount of effort, but it does require the same type of effort. You must plan and put in the time to perform the tasks necessary to work towards success.

In the beginning it will be slow going. Whether that would take a year or six months is unknown. But, it is rare and highly improbable that a website started last week will be earning $1000 per month the following week.Unless a coach or mentor is involved it is probably safe to say that the less you know about online marketing the greater the chances for the reasons why your online business is doomed

Not Knowing What it Takes

There are three main ingredients to a successful online business. It doesn't matter what the business is; it will contain these three ingredients:

  • Quality content and quality product/service
  • Well designed site layout, and
  • Buying traffic.

There are other things involved with building a successful online business, but these are the key ingredients. Take away any one of the three and you will be looking at an online business destined to fail. People come to the internet in search of something. They are not looking for junk or worthless stuff. They are looking for quality. They don't want to try and find their way around on a site that is cluttered or badly laid out. They'll simply leave. So, if a person finds a site that is quality and is laid out nicely, they are more inclined to buy what it is they are looking for from the site. So, they would not only be traffic, but buying traffic.

You've Bought the Set It and Forget It Marketing Program

I guess it's okay to buy this type of program once. It's necessary to buy it, so that you can learn that no stranger is going to build a program just so you can make money without doing anything. We all have probably bought "that" program. But, after the first time you should not be taken in by that concept again, no matter how it is repackaged or how good it sounds.The truth is (see the section above) a lot of work has to be put into each and every successful website. Now, there are some people who know what it takes and can implement there system across many sites rather quickly, but that does not translate to you. You don't understand what they understand. You don't know how to read the analytics or the warning signs. As a result, you have a nicely laid out webpage or entire site, but the content is not quality or fresh, and your are probably left with no traffic.Just like the other scenarios, it is a part of the reasons why your online business is doomed.

In a nutshell, your online business is doomed until you learn what it takes to make it successful. Once you learn what it takes then your don't fall prey to the easy money offers. You can evaluate them much better. Once you learn what to do you might even discover that your site really isn't that bad. It just needs some TLC in the form of refreshing, both content and design and some traffic to be driven to it. We'll talk about how to get traffic at another time. Until then, do what you can to save your online business.

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