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A Newbie To Making Money Online - The Secret
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A Newbie to Making Money Online  -  the Secret

If you are an internet newbie like what I was some time ago - Trust me information overload on Google and all other search engines like Amazon is a total understatement.

I did searched on : online money making , business opportunities , making money on the internet , making money working from home , free online money, affiliate marketing , blogging, social media Facebook , twitter money and I can almost go on for the next 10 pages.Yet , I hardly found something worth my while helping out immediately and at the rate I wanted and needed it to.But no. Nothing. What was this secret? Why is nobody sharing this information? Is it a myth or are they actually making so much money online that nobody wanted to share this secret?You are welcome to read some more here.

I was a single divorced om of two and I too was looking for an opportunity to make some money online. Which I am sure what you are here to do as well.However, it is the most frustrating assignment I gave myself - ever and I mean really. I am educated in a specific line and surfing the internet and sending and receiving emails are easy and second nature. But , and this is the catch - this is all I knew of internet marketing.Ok , let's be frank here.They say the less you know the better , but well I would have loved not to waste so much time searching the net trying to find the ways to make money on the internet and how a blog worked , and how affiliate marketing works.Frustrating thing was I understood the concepts and the principles , but the technical stuff was a nightmare. Now here I was , broke and desperate , not finding a job -and boy vacancies in South Africa is scarce! So everyone is looking for ways to make money online with the internet.This is also very possible if you are willing to work hard and be dedicated , especially in the beginning.There is no money for nothing.This is a real job.Trick is , you need to know what to do and in what order to do it and then you need to know how to do it. It is very easy and simply once you are shown how to do it.

After all the searching on the net , with no accomplishment yet , I started feeling almost depressed and not to mention the frustration and building stress levels.Well, then I stumbled upon a site that saved my life and my income and trust me the bank too.This saved me from terrible further frustration and from wasting money.I fortunately found The Wealthy Affiliate University training program. It really helped me and I am sure you will say the same.

Making money online is not an easy thing if you do not know where to begin and where to go.Yes, you can Google almost every word , task , but it will take you forever and waste time and money. Do not make the same mistake as I initially did. This is my advice to you as a fellow human searching for ways to make money online. Use it , don't use it. It is up to you.

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