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Acquiring The Skills To Build A Successful Business
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Acquiring the Skills to Build A Successful Business

Hey guys, I would like to share a thing of two about what I’ve learn so far about online business. Building a business whether online or offline is a skill which cannot be spoon fed to you, it’s the experience you learn in the process, through trials and errors.

Because the goal is not to make money online, there are so many ways to make money online, well you could actually sell stuff in forums, that’s making money; you could sell stuff on social networks, which is also making money online.

A successful businessman once said that a business is all about building an asset, a system. Where even without your presents, the business will run by itself. (Like a well-oiled machine) whatever you are right now, whether you’re a dropout, retired, or unemployed. Your goal is to learn the skill of building a successful business online, once you’ve learn this valuable skill, you could literally start any business. To give you a clearer picture of what I’m trying to say, here is a very inspiring true story about an entrepreneur from Thailand.

Mr. SIRIVAT VORAVETVUTHIKUN was once a well-known stockbroker and investor in Thailand, this 57-year old entrepreneur made his fortune from the local stock market back then, but then all of his luxurious lifestyle was about to change when the Asian stock market collapse back in the early 1997, this brought devastating impact to his business along with his million dollar condominium project that he just invested in, leaving Mr. Sirivat $30.4million in dept.

“So my life was totally changed from a luxurious lifestyle to just a commoner lifestyle.” He said. To survive, he has turned to selling sandwiches on the street. Since then without borrowing any money, he expanded his business to two small coffee shops.

Today Mr. Siriwat or popularly known as “the sandwich man” owns a successful business of his very own brand Siriwat sandwich. His inspiring story has caught the attention of various international media’s, and has been invited to share his story at hundreds of universities all over Thailand.

What I’m trying to say is that, you can take away one’s wealth, but you can never take away one’s wisdom.

So where do I start?

If you have read this far, I assume that you’re an inspired individual who is looking to learn the skills of building a business online, but don’t know how. Well not to worry, the key to start anything is to get yourself educated on the subject, you will have fail many times before succeeding, like what Mr. Sirivat been through. But you could greatly minimize the chances of failing by following the footsteps of those who succeeded already. You need to get your fundamentals right, and remember your goal is to learn the skills of building a successful business.

Having no financial support, I spend lots and lots of time searching for free information online, and after months or so I realize that it wasn’t giving me sufficient information about online business, or even say building a website. I was frustrated. But anyways I did found my way eventually and I would be glad to share with you an outline of what you need to learn in order to build an online business.

Understanding how money is made online.

Audience--> Google/Social Networks--> Your Website--> Amazon--> You

Your audience will search for something on Google or social networks. They will stumble upon your website; therefore it is important to get rank in the search engine. Next, they would purchase a product that you recommend from amazon and amazon would pay you commission. The internet has a very large audience of 2billion, all searching for information as well as products to buy. The purpose of your website is to help people by giving them information of what they are searching for, and earn revenue in this process. So to build a successful business online, you have to brand your site in that particular niche.

Anyways let’s start by searching for a niche, head on over to my page as I’ll guide you through.

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