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Affiliate Business Internet Marketing Online – Your Internet Marketing Cash Machine
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The affiliate business internet marketing online model is the dream of any entrepreneur come true.

I am often asked if this type of business is really all it is made out to be.

Where else can you:

  • Build a business from scratch without investing a cent?
  • Build on something you love to do, not just on something that is said to be profitable?
  • Work on your own part time until you decide it's time to say "Adios!" to the boss?
  • Help thousands and maybe millions of people find solutions to urgent problems of their own (very rewarding).
  • Grow a business that has real worth, something you can sell later or will to your loved ones?
  • Build quickly or as slowly as you choose?
  • Have access to the largest, richest market that has ever existed without having to pay a cent in user fees or access costs?

How come the affiliate business internet marketing online business survives and where has it been all these years?

Until the advent of the internet, this type of business only existed in the minds of a very few. Men like Joe Sugarman built great fortunes doing basically the same thing, but using snail mail instead of the internet. Their way took a lot of manual labour, time and involved some costs.

There are 3 things you need to succeed.

  1. You need a product to sell.
  2. You need someone to sell it to.
  3. You need some way to build trust with those people who come visit your business or site.

The affiliate business basically involves your becoming a commission salesperson for a company that sells a product or service.

In the old days, you could become a representative for a company and sell their product. You had to handle:

shipping, receiving, collecting your money, handling bad checks and stick handling customer complaints.

Sounds like a lot of headaches, doesn't it?

It was.

Next, you had to get people to buy from you. Most of the people who did well did their business by mail order. They built a mailing list and sent brochures and newsletters to this mailing list. In this literature, they endorced certain products and some of the readers would buy.

Can we say working the midnight oil, here, folks? Internet marketing software makes it so easy now.

Doing this long enough and hard enough, you could build a big list of happy clients and make a good living. Some even made fortunes at this.

Enter the internet. Be aware that people doing searches on the internet are usually looking for the solution to a problem. Some problems like a stubborn stain on a carpet aren't urgent, but others like finding ways to stop Rover from chewing on the mailman are extremely urgent. You might call these peoples' problems, "Hair on fire" people.

Put this process together and you have what is called an internet online marketing advertising business.

Keep this fact in mind: On average, an internet buyer will visit a web site 7 times before they buy anything. That's how leery people are and we can't blame them.

How do we get around this? You don't.

You build your affiliate business internet marketing online site around a theme. You learn to attract people to it so they can get information regarding the theme of your site. The search engine's job is to match the right searcher to the content of your site.

Content quality is everything.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of things earch engine algorithms take note of:

  • Where your visitors came from?
  • Which page did they enter first?
  • How many pages did they cruise on your site?
  • How long did they stay?
  • Did they sign up for your newsletter?
  • And so forth...

Your job is to give good quality content to the visitors, good enough that they will want more and read more pages of your site. With some luck, they might buy a product you endorse (one you are an affiliate for). They likely won't buy anything. You are a stranger and people don't trust strangers.

The key is to offer a little freebee of some sort, perhaps a free report or free video as an inducement for them to sign up for your affiliate business internet marketing online newsletter or ezine. Once they are on your list, you can now build their confidence in you. Once a week or month or whatever you decide, you send them more information on the subject they visited you for in the first place. Very shortly, this will establish you as a trustworthy expert in this field and they will buy from you over and over.

In the old days, this was all done with paper and stamps. Today, it is all done electronically on the internet. Building mailing lists is easy. Sending newsletters is a breeze with modern internet marketing software.

Many cities have consulting internet marketing services. These are alright, but there are many drawbacks. All the traing and education you need is available on the internet and the best is free!

Building an affiliate business internet marketing online enterprise is not rocket science, but it does take work and patience.

Good luck and God Speed!

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