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Cool Summer Jobs
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Cool Summer Jobs

Looking for some cool summer jobs? The first thing you should ask yourself is what kind of job you would like to do. In deciding what kind of job you should choose, you should consider the following:

1. Convenience – The more accessible the workplace is, the better. You wouldn’t want to apply for a job miles away from home when you don’t have a plan of staying in that place once you’re hired or employed.

2. Compensation – Why should you choose a job which doesn’t reasonably pay you for what you do? You have a lot of job options out there. I’m not teaching you to be picky though. Please don’t get me wrong. You shouldn’t be choosy especially if you’re just starting out and you don’t have that much skill to back you up.

3. Authenticity – Let’s admit it—there are a lot of legitimate jobs out there but there are tons of scams too. There are a lot of bogus employers out there. They will catch your attention with smooth words or enticing offers, but behind those are lies and empty promises. They are like beautiful trash bins, spectacular outside but full of trash inside.

4. Availability – When considering for a job, it must be something which you have a time for. It must give you time for yourself too. If the job eats up all of your time leaving you no time for your family life, your spiritual life, etc., better drop that job.

5. Resources – Consider what things the job requires you to have. You may want to work online and you do have a computer and an internet connection. Why not, right?

6. Risk – Don’t waste your skills, time and resources on jobs which are risky when you can have other jobs which are safer. While I think all jobs do involve risks, the degree varies among them. Jobs like mining are riskier by a lot than teaching.

7. Skills – People always say, “There’s no job available for me.”There are actually a lot of jobs. In fact, the classified ads are filled with them daily. The question however is, “Do you have what it takes to do the job?” I’m talking about your skills.

You will be most effective when you do something you can do. It is obviously futile to apply for a job you can’t do. Yes, there are jobs which can be learned overtime as long as you’re willing but having the right skills increases your likelihood to be hired and promoted, decreases your likelihood to be fired and increases your likelihood to get a higher compensation.

I think that’s good enough. Remember these things when applying for a job.

So, have you decided what job to take? What jobs do you want to do this summer? Do you want cooking, writing, painting, or something else? Whatever cool summer job you choose, I hope you'll have a good time and at the same time earn good.

If you have extra time, why not look for some legit online jobs too. They can be an added source of income while you’re at home after work or at your day off when you don’t have anything else to do.

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