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Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket
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Don\'t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Every business you see in the real world sells products to their customers almost on a daily basis. The trick to earning money constantly is to offer more than one product.

There is an old saying that says if you want to make money, never put all of your investment in one area.

There is a reason for that and that is if you do put all of your money in to one thing, what if that one thing fails or you lose money in that one thing?

The same is true with business. There are companies out there that do own other companies. I live in the state of Wisconsin and here we have a Taco Bell, a KFC, and a Pizza Hut, which I am sure you probably do as well. These are all owned by the same company.

It is not against the law to own more than one company. We also have a person who owns about eight McDonald's ( You can own a McDonald's if you are rich enough) and he also owns a couple of Burger Kings. As you can probably guess, this man is very rich.

The same is true with online business. You can have a website where you are an affiliate and working that business to promote sales for a company in which you make some commission.

You can also do other things in addition to that. You can sell products on Ebay. The way that I do that myself, is I first have a cell phone or a camera. (Cell phones with cameras work best because you can download your photo to your computer, which makes it much easier to place on Ebay)

I then go to a thrift store and buy a few products that are in fairly good condition, and after I buy them I advertise them on ebay.

In order to place an order on ebay and be good at it, you need to write in graphic detail everything about that item you are selling because the buyer can only see its photo, so the words you write have to be graphic so that the reader will feel like they are there looking at the item in person.

Another thing you can do online in addition to being an affiliate is be a seller yourself. That is correct. You can be both an affiliate and a seller at the same time.

Decide on a product you wish to have promoted and have it listed on a place that accepts new sellers such as Click bank or Clicksure. There is nothing wrong with being both a seller and an affiliate and as a seller you will have other affiliates selling your items as well.

You can also run your business online and have a business in the real world. There is nothing that says that you can not.

So, the sky is the limit. I wish you well in your business.

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