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Fake Reviews Of Internet Marketing Training Programs
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Fake Reviews Of Internet Marketing Training Programs

The problem with finding honest reviews of internet marketing training programs is that, well, internet marketers are professionals, so they know how to 'game Google' into thinking that fake reviews, are real ones. After all, these guys spend their days trying to figure out how to make Google love their sites - it's their job.

So when they own or promote an internet marketing community, it's pretty easy for them to fudge the facts. That's not to say that all reviews are fake! I write tons of reviews, and they're totally 100% honest. I know other marketers that do the same; we're not all bad guys.

Below are 3 simple ways to identify the fake reviews of internet marketing training programs from the real ones.

1. Personal Experience and Stories

Though not all reviews contain anecdotes or stories, but many do. This is one of the easiest ways to tell a real review from a fake one. Fake anecdotes are pretty easy to spot because they're vague, and fit exactly into the point the person is trying to make. Real stories often contain unnecessary details or are told just for fun.

2. Genuine Tone

Discerning someone's tone is a bit more difficult, but it's worth taking a shot. I think the best way to implement this strategy is to look past just the review of the community or service you're interested in. Check out the other reviews or blog posts on the website, and see if they're written in the same fashion.

Several of my competitors are very lazy, and I can spot their fake reviews from a mile away! They use a simple cookie-cutter format, and make everything sound great (to try and get visitors to buy). Unfortunately, it probably works a lot of the time, but you are smarter than that!

Also see other things on their website. Can you connect with them on social media? Ask a probing question about their review or get some details you're curious about. Pretend to have not read the review and ask what they recommend, just to see if they respond. Very often these are inactive accounts that marketers set up and leave, never to visit again.

Seeing the tone of their entire website can help you better judge the genuineness of the review.

3. Inclusion of Negatives

A review that is all positive is almost certainly fake. A review that has a not-so-negative negative (like, 'this product makes me too happy so I have to use it every day') are also a sign of a fakie.

Look for real insight into what this internet marketing training program delivers. Is it expensive? Are there things missing or areas for improvement? What type of person should NOT buy it?

No product is perfect, and even if the person is totally satisfied, there will probably be some criticism, somewhere in the review. For example, when I wrote my review of my favorite online business training community, even though I pay every month and highly recommend this service, I was sure to include some points on who might not enjoy the service.

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