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Five Proven Ways To Make Money Online
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We are facing financial crisis today and because of that many of us hope that we can grow our income through internet marketing. Everyday, millions of people attempt to make money online but statistics show that only 5% of them have decent income.

There are 5 tested and confirmed free ways to make money online. They don’t need investment besides time, determination and an open mind.

1.eBAy auctions There are times that you find yourself throwing things that you don’t need. If you think that these things can be used again try to place it for an auction on eBay. eBay auctions work great for making money fast. Anything can be put on auction as long as it is still working and can be utilize. Try to observe what other people are auctioning. It will give you an idea on how to develop your own auction.

2.Blogging Blogging is a lot easier than most people think. You just have to be creative and resourceful. You are the one who will decide on the topic of your blog. Just think of your hobbies and passion and any topic you are an expert of. You can also make a free blog over at Blogger or Wordpress and start creating helpful posts about that subject. Adding AdSense code to your blog’s pages is also one way of making money from your traffic. To be able to make swarms of traffic to your blog, you should find forums much closer to your topic and from there you can start making posts and helping people. The more you place on your blog, and the more forum posts you create, the more traffic you will generate and the more income you will make.

3.CPA Offers Cost per action or CPA refers to associate offers that don’t need you to make a deal fro them to pay you. Several CPA offers pay up to $2 for each mail collected. What you need to do is join a CPA network and start promoting CPA offers. Examples of CPA networks are Incentaclick, Azoogle Ads and Maxbounty. You have to make helpful posts in related forums that permit affiliate links in the signature to create trffic for these kinds of offers.You can also place your posts and comments and leave your affiliate links at the same time to Yahoo Answers, Google Groups or Yahoo Groups.

4.Bum Marketing Bum marketing is an effective grouping of article and affiliate marketing. You need to use an affiliate network like Commission Junction and from there you will choose a product that is selling well. You have to promote it for yourself and make a commission with every deal you generate. After selecting a product, you will then start writing articles about the topic of that good.

Then create a free blog again for the product you have chosen and make a post with your affiliate links included.

After that, all you need to do is create and post articles on regular basis. You are also allowed to include a link to your blog where you have placed the review with your affiliate links. When you post articles on a regular basis, you will create affiliate sales regularly from the traffic generated. You can search more on Google about Bum Marketing to learn more.

5.Selling your services If you have the talent to write scripts and codes, create and design websites and websites graphics, then you could sell your services to people looking for help. There is a site where you can find these types of projects and you can bid on them. When trying to make a bid, provide samples of your work and show them why you would be perfect for the job. This is a successful way in making money online.

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