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Free Keyword Search
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I guess you know that making money online has to do with the ability to use the right keywords, obtained from a free (or paid) keyword search, to attract targeted visitors to your website. No matter the kind of marketing strategy you choose to use, be it PPC or article marketing, you will agree with me that you need the use of keywords. However, the setback for most people starting out online as new Internet marketers often stumble owing to the fact that, they are unable to afford the keyword software tools already established Internet marketers put forward. So, this article is aimed at helping you do valuable but free keyword search, without paying a dime!

The first thing you will need to do, when you want to do a free keyword search, is to Google search the phrase "Google keyword tool". With the Google keyword tool, you will have all the information you need to do a profitable free keyword search.

Log into the page and look at the left hand side. You will see a section that reads "how would you like to generate keyword ideas?" To answer this question, you have two options. You can either generate the keywords based on the description you enter in a box, or you alternatively generate the keyword ideas by entering the URL of your website. Whichever of these options you go for, you will get the keyword ideas that you need when you click on the "get keyword ideas" button. You should see a long list of keyword ideas pop up after you click the button. The list shows various keywords that people across the globe have searched using the Google search engine. Now, if article marketing is your online strategy, you can use those keywords to write articles that you would submit to article directories.

Next to the keywords, you should be able to see three things - advertiser competition, local search volume for the previous month and, then, global monthly search volume. These things are important to the "strength" of the keywords you want to choose. The advertiser competition tells you the number of advertisers bidding on those keywords. I won't advise you to run away from competition! Instead, plunge into it with a reasonable amount of aggression and you will reap the rewards soon enough. On the other hand, the global and local monthly search volumes show you how many people are searching for the keywords. This free keyword search tool will give you the ideas you will need for your articles, videos podcasts and forms of marketing.

It's like I have always told other marketers, especially the new ones coming on board, it is important to see the average cost the advertisers are willing to pay per click. Look right above the keywords in the right hand corner, to see a drop down menu that reads "choose columns to display". You can then choose the average cost per click from the menu. From my point of view, I think it is best to target high-paying keywords even if it is very competitive. As I have said earlier, don't panic because of competition. Just make sure you are aggressive in your marketing strategy and you will succeed even in the face of stiff competition. That is about all you need to do a free keyword search and be successful in your online marketing business.

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