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How I Can Pay For My Own Education, And Have Time To Study
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How I Can Pay for My Own Education, And Have Time to Study

In this article you'll find out a bit about me, my educational and financial history, and how I am now able to pay for my own education, while still having the time to actually study. The stories I tell you are meant to be anecdotal, and I hope that you are able to learn from these stories to further your own education and financial wellbeing based on your individual situation.

1. No Money For School

I was raised in a middle class family, and at the time I graduated high school, I had three dilemmas.

  • a. My grades and test scores were good enough to get into college
  • b. I wasn't smart enough to get any kind of educational scholarships
  • c. My families financial status didn't let me qualify for any kind of government aid

So I was left wanting to go to school, but not qualifying for any kind of aid. My family could afford it, but it was a bit of a stretch, and going to the schools I wanted wasn't an option.

So instead of going to school right away, I decided to go to Europe and travel. I ended up doing that for about 10 years, including spending half of that time in China.

2. No Qualifications for Good Jobs

All the meanwhile I was overseas, I always had the notion that I would be able to come back to the US at some point and actually go to college. I still had not idea what I would study, but I wanted to get an education, to well, make more money.

I didn't really have any particular passions, or any reason to study other than to allow myself to make more money at whatever job I ended up choosing. After all, there are lots of studies how college graduates make so-and-so percent more money than non-graduates.

The problem was that I still couldn't pay for it! I could of course get a job working sales, or at Starbucks and pay my way through Uni, but that would involve working a full time job, going to school full time, and I didn't know if I really had the motivation to do it.

I didn't have any particular skill set, and the US was in a recession, so I also didn't know what kind of work I would do back in the US. So I decided to look into how I could make money online.

3. Having the Time and Money to Go to School

Fast forward a few years later, and I now have my own online business. I know I skipped a whole chunk there of how I started building my own business, but that's not the focus of this article.

The point is that with some research, some work, and some luck, I was able to start making a full time income on the internet, using legitimate businesses practices (no 'ad-clicking', pyramid schemes, or spam). I'm now able to pay for my own education, and because the income is made through websites, I don't have to monitor the business 24/7. I have time to go to classes and study.

The catch is that because I am making a full time income on the internet, I don't know if I really need to go to school anymore. Actually, a bachelor's degree in the US is pretty standard nowadays, so I think that the tens of thousands of dollars I'd spend on it would be better spent on my current business.

Either way, I have a choice. Now that my internet business can provide me with money and time, I have to freedom to pay for my own education, or grow my business.

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