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How To Avoid Getting Scammed
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How to Avoid Getting Scammed

Hello there today I wanted to share another recent experience I had with a so called mystery shopper job. This just happened to Me about a week and a half ago. Now I know that mystery shopper jobs exist because I have had several people that I know do them.

They seemed to make pretty decent money at it and the work was always legit.

In this crazy world of the internet we have to be very careful what we do and who we deal with cause there are so many scams out there. It is just ridiculous these days, so I am trying my best to help people avoid making these costly mistakes.

A couple weeks ago I got this email from a so called mystery shopper company, and so i read everything over in detail.

I read all the requirements and submitted everything I needed too and followed their instructions.A couple days later I got an email from the company saying I was hired with them.

They told me exactly what I was to do,how I was to do it, and what the job consisted of. I did exactly what they said,some time went by and I didn't hear anything from them.I didn't think anything of it,then 1 day I get something from fed-ex and I open it up.

in the package there was 2 money orders in there for 985 dollars a piece. I was a little concerned about this,but was going to go through with the job as planned. I get the instructions for what I was gonna do with the money,now I know i probably should have checked more into this kinda thing before I jumped into it.

The only thing I guess I was looking at was I didn't have to pay anything to sign up, and I was just looking at the money I was gonna make.The job was to check out the western union place, because they said there were numerous complaints about them being slow. the associates not doing there job correctly, and the money not reaching it's destination.

They had included the money for all the fees it was gonna cost to send this money,so I went to do the assignment. The money orders had no name on them so I had to sign them myself. I get to the bank and try to cash them and my bank goes to verify them and they turned out to be fake.

I was pretty upset and it bothered me for a while cause I was really excited about this. The bank told me it was part of a money laundering service, and if I had cashed those money orders I could have got into some serious trouble. I would have to pay all that money back.

I think almost a week had passed since then, and I got a email from the guy who was running this scam. he actually thought I was taking the money and running with it and said he was gonna send the FBI after me. This is funny cause he is the criminal and he is trying to make it look like I was the bad guy. I wrote him back and had a few choice words for him that I wont say on here.

My friends when your looking for opportunities on here,please just be very careful of who your dealing with. I hope this will help you in your future dealings. I would suggest you research the company before deciding to go through with it and giving out any of your information.

I look forward to hearing your comments on this.

Street Talk

Great article Scott...Seems that the scammers are using anything to get our money.

  about 1 decade ago
Jane John  

Thank you so much for the information. Con artists are all over these days and I am glad you've shared these now I am going to be on he look out.

  about 1 decade ago
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