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How To Avoid Money Eating Online Scams
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How to Avoid Money Eating Online Scams


I touched upon this topic just briefly on the Get It All Starting page but I think this is a topic that needs to be examined further because so many people fall victim to one of the many scams that are out there. The amount of people I have worked with and talked who tell me stories about scams they have fallen victim too is astounding. So please, do not feel bad if you your self have been a victim, they are good at stealing your money.

If It’s Too Good To Be True, It Is!

We’ve all heard the phrase, and we’ve all seen those sites and those companies and those gurus that claim they will show the “secret formula” to making big money online with just a few clicks of a button in just a few days. Heck, I’ve even seen a guy pitch that his software will make you a million dollars a month. If you do your research like I did you will find that the number of people making any sort of serious money is a surprising 0. Who would have thought right? But the common pitch comes again…. “Keep with it and you will succeed.” That translates to “keep paying my monthly fee of and buying my upsells because I am telling you what you want to hear.”

If you see any of these banner or ads claiming "hidden secret revealed", "six figures in a week", it should immediately raise red flags and tell you stay far away.

Yes my friends, stay far away from anyone who is pitching claims like this or anything of the sort. I know it might seem obvious, but some of these scam artist can be good sales people and they get tons of people buying their stuff every month. One positive things is that most of these companies or sites don’t last. The overwhelming complaints they get on authority sites and the spamming methods they use and encourage their members to use results in them getting blocked from social media sites and diminishes all fake reviews about them in search engines.

One thing to understand is that most of these sites only offer one service to you, and that is to become an affiliate of their site. You sign up only to become a ruthless sales person for their site and earn a small commission when you make a sale. They might offer some training videos in there somewhere so it looks like they are actually offering you a product.

But don’t get me wrong, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online and at home is something I talk about a lot throughout my own website, but you do not want to pay somebody just so you can be an affiliate.

There is no product, and the affiliate links they give you will be considers “spammy” but search engines and social media sites, making traffic impossible to get.

How To Avoid Such Scams

Again, it might seem obvious but just try to use common sense. And believe me, I get it, doing that can be very hard sometime because many of these sales videos are rigged with screen shots of fake affiliate accounts that show big income figures and flashy houses and the newest Bentley.

Most of the time, research on a product is not even necessary because the ‘it’s too good to be true’ law comes into effect.

Another common thing these sales pitches will do is give very little detail, if any, about what the product is. Usually, they will just tell you how their system will make you big money with very little effort. Unfortunately, people who are not familiar with online or at home business will buy into the fake props and the fake claims.

These pitches will also almost never offer a free trail. That immediately should raise red flags because they know they will loose a ton of sales if they offer a free trail because once people have access to their “product” and see what it does in reality, no one will buy.

These pitches will also force you to buy in to the hype. The way they will do that is they will make you, literally FORCE you to watch the sales video and listen to all of their ridiculous claims and they will this buy not letting you buy into a certain amount of minutes into the video. They think that if they do this, when you buy, you will remember all those claims of big money and stick with the product and continue to pay the monthly fee even though you are not seeing any results. A very slimy move if you ask me. One of the reasons they are good at destroying common sense.

So don’t feel bad, again, if you have fallen victim.

The key things you want to look for if you decide to join a service to assist you with your business or want an extra way to make money online or at home are:

  • No ridiculous claims
  • No overly hyped videos or articles
  • No big houses or flashy cars
  • A description of the product and what is being offered
  • A free trail
  • The option to buy immediately
  • Access to owners and support
  • To be honest, I am quite sick of all these scams taking the money of inexperienced people and promising them false promises.

I just want to show you one example of what I am talking about.

Go ahead. Go over and google easy cash code and watch part of the sales video, but PLEASE do not buy. Simple research will show you it is garbage.

Buy I want you to be able to recognize that it is garbage just buy visiting the sales page. Notice the big house, the fancy orange Lamborghini, and the actors that he payed for fake reviews. He also has the audacity to walk into a private jet, claiming he owns it himself. Also notice how there is no option to buy right away. In addition, notice the ridiculous affiliate account numbers he is displaying (I’m not saying those numbers are impossible though, I know people who actually do earn those numbers).

A executive of the Worrier Forum, the most trusted forum in internet entrepreneurship, did research into that guy and his sales video. He ran the numbers of the license on the tail of the jet that the sales guy forgot to edit out and found that the jet is actually registered to millionaire in New Jersey who rents it out to others.

Also, one of the actors who gives a review for the site can also be found in other acting gigs not related to home business or making money. To read more articles like this and find legit ways to make money online and from home scam free, visit our website for more information, tips, and personal coaching. Thank you and.....

PLEASE, stay far away from these scam sites.

Street Talk

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