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How To Find Niches - Don't Go Wrong Here
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I have seen so many fledgling marketers troubled over how to find niches. Unfortunately, a reply you will hear often is "there is money to be made in all niches". While this is true, niche selection is far more important than these veterans make it out to be, because how you select your niche sets the vital platform for your campaign, and there will be niches that turn out to be more profitable than others. Finding the right niche can get you a head start in your campaign and whether it is getting traffic, converting sales, or building a list, all these things can be made much easier with the right niche.

So lets answer the simple question of how to find niches that will be profitable than others. Economics 101 teaches supply and demand. Selling becomes easiest when demand is high and supply is low. Right? Well, yes! If more people are in need of a solution to a problem (high demand) and there are fewer offers for helpful solutions out there (low supply) then this is a great niche to enter. Lower competition means you can get more traffic, people will buy more from you because there are less offers on other sites out there, and they'll definitely sign up to get free information.

How to find niches that satisfy these criteria?

Step 1 - Always keep your eyes open for a niche group with a serious and urgent need Step 2 - Use a keyword research tool, to look for search frequency around this niche Step 3 - Using similar tools identify the competition via website quoted results Step 4 - Get on Google and look for an affiliate program

Lets call these 4 steps, the "how to find niches guide".

Step 1 enables you to find a niche that is hungry for a solution and gives you an opportunity to connect with them and better relate to your audience which will eventually make you better at selling them things.

Step 2 lets you get a gauge of the demand.

Step 3 of the "how to find niches guide" gives you an idea of the competition

Proceed further if demand is high and competition low. If you have come this far you're in luck. This looks like its going to be a profitable niche.

Step 4 is where you find something to sell them. After all, you can only make money if there are affiliate products or services out there. If not, you can always keep this avenue open for launching a product of your own.

These 4 steps break down the process of how to find niches to 4 simple steps. Rather than following the hype into a niche that is over-sold to, you can find more obscure niches that are hungry for what you have to offer, and make much more than you ever anticipated.

While there is the potential to make money in nearly every niche, knowing how to find niches with low competition and an urgent high demand will result in better converting campaigns where you can quickly establish yourself as an authority. If you are going to put in the hard work of building a campaign, you might as well give yourself a head start by knowing how to find niches with a lower entry barrier where you can stake claims early.

Craig Ferdinands here.

Visit my website to learn more about how to find niches that will be more profitable than others.

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