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How To Get The Best Search Result In Less Time, Internet Research Tips
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When I started surfing the internet and for pretty long time afterwards, I had a very irritating problem when I had some research in school or even at work. I used to type the keywords in the search box and the result is nothing of what I was looking for, for example if I'm searching for "Running shoes", I find very few relevant results and lots of other pages that has nothing to do with my research but having the words "running" or "shoes" in them. That made a research very difficult and time consuming for me and I'm sure lots of people face the same problem as well

With some research "effective Research fortunately", I found out that there are techniques I can follow to make my research easier. I don't like keeping information for myself only, so I'll share them with all of you.

-Getting the same result

As with the example running shoes, all you have to do for getting the same result for your search is to put the research keywords between quotation mark without spaces like this "running shoes" and you will find all pages with both running shoes together.

-Find related results

When you want to buy some running shoes mentioned in a TV shoe that you like and want to buy, the doctors for example, you can do this research easily by adding a plus sign between the research keywords and without leaving a space. So, you will type in the search box: running shoes+the dococtors

You can make it even more effective by putting it between quotation marks.

-Excluding items

I will stay again with the running shoes example. If you want to find all running shoes brands except Nike, then just add a minus sign between them. Just type running shoes-Nike. And again you can quote it as well to make it more effective.

Using a reputable search engine is also very important when it comes to finding relevant results; I personally like to use Google, but others might prefere Yahoo or Bing, so choose whatever suits you. You can find even more results about internet research tips online but these are the most important and frequently used techniques.

Start now and prepare a list of things you want to find more about, apply these techniques and see if they are going to work with me. Please share all tips and information you know about that topic to help starting researchers find their information.

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