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How To Make Easy Money - Top 5 Methods
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Without question the internet is massive. It is constantly growing and developing itself. So it is only natural to want to be a part of it and make money online, but first you must know how to make easy money. While it can sound sketchy it is not. People do it all the time. Here are just a few methods available to you.

Selling on Ebay

Ebay is nearly as massive as the internet itself. Virtually anything you can think of buying can be found here. You can make some really quick cash with Ebay if what your selling is a hot item or unique and antique. Ebay is one of the easiest things to get started with when figuring out how to make easy money. Go hunt around your place. You may be surprised at what you find to sell.


If you are more comfortable selling locally then is a great site. You can buy from, and sell items, to people that live in your own area. This is because of Craiglists location filter. You never know you might be able to know how to make easy money after you use it by develop a relationship selling for a local business in your area or creating repeated business with others.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is simply selling products that you don’t actually have to own before you sell. What you do is sign up to a drop shipping network, which have a huge inventory of products available, and then you list a product for sale. If it sells you take the money the buyer has paid you and you purchase the product and have it shipped to their address. You can sell these products online at both E-bay and other sites. Naturally you will mark up the costs of the product from what you buy it for so you will have made a profit. Trust me when I say it’s easier than it sounds and once you learn you will know how to make easy money.

Online Surveys

Companies and businesses alike rely on their customer’s needs and wants. Online surveys help companies figure out what products to make and what aspects of their business they need to focus on in greater detail. There are numerous survey sites you can join. One of the most reputable is Paid surveys are great to utilize as you start to know how to make easy money because they don’t require any costs on your end. Free is always good.

Internet Marketing – Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a form of Internet Marketing which, simply put, is helping promote products and receiving a commission for each sale you help generate. Article Marketing entails writing an article about a problem people are having and then referring people to a particular product, within the article, that can help solve their problem.

Article Marketing - Group of people with a problem + Your referral of a product to help them = Commission (money)!

Now, as you can see, there are many options you can utilize how to make easy money. Ebay/Craigslist, Drop Shipping, Online Surveys and Article Marketing are all great methods.

Of the above options I highly recommend Article Marketing. It costs you nothing to do. You don’t need a website or a product of your own. Once you have written an article it is available on the web forever. It never disappears so you can make money by generating sales from one article over and over again. You can only sell each item once on Ebay which certainly limits your income potential.

Now you have understood how to make easy money and why article marketing is one of the best methods to use.

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