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I Can Give You 21 Reasons Why I Love My Internet Marketing School
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First and foremost, I just want to give a huge shoutout to my favorite internet marketing school on the planet. Yes, it is me, Saytue Saye and I'm absolutely grateful to be part of a community that is not only for themselves, but there to really be part of my success.

What is success anyway? What does it mean to you. Well, for me, success is something that makes me feel good at the end and afraid to accomplish at the beginning. Success is something I never thought I could have in my life as a adult wanting to become a great a person by achieving all my goals. Success is bigger than my ego and how I feel about certain things. Success is my life right now as I speak.

Why am I successful in these things? Well, I'm only human and I really can't go far without getting up and doing something, especially when I hated my current situation.

What current situation am I talking about? I'm talking about working a 9 to 5 job and waking up early in the morning wondering how I'm going to take care of my kids or put them in day care without any money. I especially hated answering to other people and despise folk that looked at me as a nobody. Not to mention, I love dressing up. Fresh! Everything I wear is clean; yes I like it that way. Don't you to?

Is this how you feel? It feels good to live comfortably right?

Let me tell you something. There is nothing more annoying than living pay check to pay check. I want to have a big house to. And I want to travel across the world. But how can I do this with my current job situation? What are you going to do about your current job situation?

This was a tough question for me once upon a time. But something in me wanted to live life, not just be in it. I decided to become my own boss and work from home. And of course doubts tried to hold me back, but I was determined to become a great person by achieving all my goals.

I found out about this weird and unique way of making a living from home. I'm a writer, so it was ideal for me. Plus, I knew how to use the computer, not an expert though. And even if I didn't know how to use the computer or write, it seemed pretty easy.

See, it was not so easy however, because I went in it too fast thinking of getting rich quick. And honestly, that's how they made it seem. I knew I was passionate about helping business owners make money and get paid from it, but doubts started kicking in.

Just when I was about to give up on my success to become a great person and achieve all my goals. I found a lady by the name of PotPieGirl. She looked like a nice lady and talked very natural. Her guide made me some money and taught me more than what I knew. Then she referred me to what is now my favorite internet marketing university.  

See, I love this Affiliate Marketing university so much; I can give yo 21 reasons why I love my internet marketing school.

1. I learnt how to talk to people

2. I learnt how to ask for help when I need it

3. I learnt how to pay close attention

4. I learnt what constructive criticism is

5. I learnt how to recognize my weakest points

6 I learn how to recognize my strongest points

7. I learnt how to use my strongest points

8. I learnt how to outsource my weakest points 

9. I learnt that I have more than 3 passions

10. I learnt I'm gifted in a lot of things

11. I learnt to use my gift and passion to help me enjoy life

12. I learnt to write my goals down so that I can take a peek at it every morning

13. I learnt how to start something

14. I learnt how to finish something I started

15. I learnt how to communicate

16. I learnt what helpful really mean

17. I learnt what a real community is all about

18. I learnt how to network

19. I learnt what sticking by your words truly mean

20. I learnt what writing is all about

21. I learnt how to make money online

As you can see, my internet marketing school has helped me in a very personal way. Shoot, being successful does require personal growth. Do you agree? And to me, that is success. As you grow, you learn things and these things that you learn is part of your business , because you run it. 

If you want an online business, go for it! If you want a local business, but want to get business, go for it to. I don't care who you are. Stop holding yourself back from changing your current life situation. All I can say is that : "in order to be successful in your business, you will need a community and motivation". Don't be afraid of your success. I know I ain't anymore.



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