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Internet Marketing In California & How It Affects Your Business
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Internet Marketing In California & How it Affects Your Business

There is no doubt in my mind that internet marketing in California is going to change the way local businesses operate. Why the internet and why local marketing? Let me explain below.

Traditional marketing strategies include radio, TV, mail, billboards, cold-calling, and many other techniques that we've grown accustomed to over the years. Think hard enough, and I'm sure you can come up with a long list of others.

These are quickly going out of style. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. Customers are getting smarter

The world is getting connected, and the speed of information is faster than ever. Why on Earth would I buy something from a representative of your store when I could see what my friends are saying on the internet?

The research has already been done for us, and I can browse top 3 lists for 30 minutes before I buy anything to see what the entire world has to say about a specific product. I can watch videos, read blogs, and chat to real people who have bought this product before.

2. Consumers are more frugal

The internet has made shopping not only more convenient, but cheaper. Nine times out of ten you can find what you're looking for online for a cheaper price than what you can find in brick and mortar stores. There are reasons to buy from a physical store than online (convenience, impulse buys, visual comparison), but it's certainly not price.

Not only that but price comparison online is so much easier. You can get from one website to another in a matter of seconds, while driving across town to comparison shop between stores could take an entire day or weekend.

3. People are tired of advertising

In my family we refer to advertising received in the mailbox as 'junk mail', and I'm sure we're not the only ones to do so. I don't even look at it - I don't care how good the coupons are.

I don't listen to the radio anymore, I listed to Pandora, and can pay $30 per year to get rid of advertising.

I hate TV with a passion because to see a 15 minute show I have to sit through 15 minutes of advertising. Netflix and Hulu charge me $7 a month and I can skip the rubbish ads.

I'm not alone in these feelings, which brings me to the point I'm trying to make: Traditional advertising is limping along and will soon be dead.

But how can local businesses in California reach customers who want their products and services?

The answer is simpler than you may think.

The internet

But a surprisingly large number of California local businesses are failing to even build a very basic website that can be found in search Engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Those that have made the effort to do so get their buddy's cousin who knows a bit of HTML to build a very basic, unimpressive web property.

Just from searching the web for local businesses in my area of the Central Valley in California I was able to see the state of things in my local area.

But leveraging the internet for you business is easier than you think. Internet marketing in California can seriously reduce your advertising costs and get you more customers than traditional advertising.

A single advertising spot in the Yellow Pages could cost you 10 grand or more per year. A single website will probably cost about $3000 to $5000 dollars. After the year is up, you'll have to pay that 10 grand again to the Yellow Pages. To keep your website active will cost you a measly $10 per year. Even if you pay a professional administrator to take care of the technical details of your site, you're only looking at about $300 to $400 dollars per month.

The Best Part

But the best part of leveraging internet marketing services for California local businesses in not the cost; it's the effectiveness.

As I mentioned earlier, many older methods of advertising are no longer effective. But the idea behind local marketing is this: By positioning your website in Google to be found for keywords describing your business, you don't actually have to advertise. You simply present your product or service, and customers that need it, will find it!

Here's what I mean.

If you broadcast "Joe's Auto Parts" on the radio, at least 90% of people that listen to it are not interested. Of the 10% that do, a very small portion will actually remember your businesses name, and an even smaller percentage will convert into paying customers.

By having a website that ranks for the term "Cheap Auto Parts in [Your City]", the only people who see your site will be the ones who are looking to buy auto parts! You are advertising to people who WANT to find you. By doing this, a much higher percentage will convert to paying customers.


Even if you don't think the internet can bring you more customers, is it a risk you can afford to take? Your competitor may be building their website right now, which means that anyone looking online will find THEM, not YOU.

And in high competitive industries having a website is not enough! You website needs to be optimized for search engines, it needs to be user friendly, and you need to have people talking about your business in chat rooms, Twitter, and Facebook.

Unfortunately, if you're not utilizing these modern advertising strategies, you may just be left in the dust in coming years.

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