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Making A Profitable Business Online - Is It Easy Or Hard?
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The truth is, as you may have guessed, that there are some easy aspects to starting a profitable business online, and probably a few more hard ones. The surprising thing is however, that pretty much anyone can start a business on the internet, and it's not that difficult to make the step from owning your own business to actually making money from it.

The Easy Part

Actually, the easiest part is going to be setting up your website, designing it, and getting content on there for people to read. Gone are the days where you had to write complicated code and be a computer nerd to get anything done. Now, with content management systems like Wordpress and Joomla, or even simpler blogging systems like Google's Blogger, this is the easy part.

Anyone from age 5 to 95 can own and maintain a website/blog.

Another easy thing will be choosing a topic. Honestly, any kind of blog can make money. The internet has helped people connect, so no matter what you're into, you can find like-minded people across the world. Even if there are only 100 people out there who have pet flying squirrels, you can find and connect with them on the internet.

I'm sure they'll love your website.

The Hard Part

The most difficult part of making a profitable business online is going to be sticking to the plan. It's sooooo easy to get started, and soooo hard to keep it going. About three or four months into the game plan, it's going to see a lot more fun to go hang out after work rather than work on your website. If you haven't started making money yet, you'll think to yourself, WHY am I doing this?

But very often, success is just around the corner, and new business owners quit before they're even started. Nine out of ten small businesses fail within the first year. This is definitely true for internet businesses, but I think this is more because of lack of interest rather than because of money problems

Another hard thing is going to be finding a mentor. Unless you've got a degree in both internet marketing AND business, you probably feel a bit lost right now. If you're just starting out, you haven't got a clue! If you've been around the block once or twice, you might be thinking, "Why is everyone else making money except me?!".

There are plenty of people willing to teach you the ropes, for a fee of course. But there are a select few who will help you just because they enjoy their work. I'll tell you this; Find a good mentor, and you'll have a much easier time finding the path to success.


So with a good mentor, a personal passion, and a new website, it's not that difficult to be the proud owner of a brand new online business. It's pretty cheap to get all this set up, so to make a profitable business online, you just need to start brining in a few dollars a month. It may not seem like much, but as the saying goes, if you can figure out how to make $1, you'll figure out how to make $10.

Of course we want to make thousands, but the point is that if you can make just a little bit of money, you can then tweak your system to make more, and eventually grow your business to support you and the lifestyle you desire.

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