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Making Big Bucks - $1 - 42 In Two Days And Eight Months
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Making Big Bucks  -  $1  -  42 In Two Days And Eight Months

Making the Big Bucks - $1-42

This is it! Finally after 8 months of hard study and implementation I can now call myself an internet marketer. You beter believe it because Google AdSense tells me that they owe me this hard cool cash.

Is this the beginning of the avalanche of money that is surely, according to the great gurus like my mentor in the photo, heading my way?

The question is, do I head for the bank to warn them that they should get ready for when my site goes viral and that millions will soon be pouring into their vaults.

New Newbie

Eight months ago I decided as a Very New Newbie that I wanted to become an affiliate marketer. After spending days at the laptop looking for the best and obviously the easiest ways of making money online, I was quickly suckered into buying a few of those promising the earth programs.

As a complete novice whose computer skills were limited to dictating an odd email to my wife, I was assured that it would be OK because everything would be done automatically for me.

Delving deeper I soon discovered I had made some terrible decisions and quickly backed out of those schemes while I still could.

An Awakening

It dawned on me that if I wanted to be successful at affiliate marketing, then like everything else in life there is a price to pay, namely hard dedicated work. So forgetting about the quick buck and with limited funds I set about trying to understand what this vast and I mean huge subject was about. Having only a limited internet connection and a 5 year old laptop that was working at snail’s pace I have finallt started getting to grips with about 20% of what this subject consists of.

Over the last six months I finally found bloggers and genuine marketers who felt I could trust and invested in a newbie starters course for a fair price giving active support.

The biggest obstacle was and still is that my attention is constantly being diverted from my carefully laid plans by promises in posts, emails and newsletters that for a couple of bucks the money explosion that will follow guarantees to drown me with an endless river of wealth, even while I am sleeping.

A Little Slow

But now after all the ranting at the computer these latter stressful eight months which was quite obviously the cause for things mysteriously disappearing (I often forget to hit the save button in word) after I have just created a unique content, awe-inspiring, 600 word review which apparently takes most of these experts only twenty minutes to research, write and then a couple more to publish spun articles in all kinds of directories etc. So what's wrong with me? The more I delve into the murky waters of the online marketing world the less I seem to know and the slower I get. Very scary and worrying indeed.

However now that the floodgates are about to open I am willing to share my experience and knowledge gained with all the newbies out there. Also once my eBook is ready, all gurus recommend you write one and it only takes about 6 hours to complete, I will truly be on top.

Now as I stare down the heady road of financial success I can only hope that the Buck, oops my $1.42 does not stop here thereby giving all newbies out there hope and inspiring them to keep at it.

A New Dream

30 years ago my wife and I decided to build a boat with only the few hand tools we had available and little cash. We not only built “footloose” but sailed her to places of stunning beauty around the world while having the most amazing adventures. That started with a dream and hopefully this new dream also goes viral.

Street Talk

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