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Marketing An Online Business With Great Results
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What do I need to know to be marketing an online business with great results? I'd like to share with you in this article about the essential need today to market well on the internet, the importance of picking the right keywords in order to have a successful marketing strategy, the need and method of driving traffic to my site and the great benefit of following up with an auto responder.

Marketing an online business is essential in today's world. There are more and more searches conducted over the internet than ever. More people buy over the internet than ever. Many go to the internet first (and many times only go there) before going to the physical store. With the convenience of doing this from home, searching quickly to find the best options and the best prices, someone that wants to be successful in the twenty first century must know about marketing an online business.

The right keywords are extremely important. Ok, I am going to give you a little secret here that most people writing an article like this one probably wouldn't. As I write this article (it's late at night, we're taking turns with my wife on who feeds the baby - my turn in a couple of hours) I am writing it in such a way that I hope to provide you with valuable content for what you were looking for. So you might have typed in a phrase like, "marketing an online business." At least I have attempted to target the article to people who typed in that phrase. Now I did some research (it didn't take me long with a software tool I use from Wealthy Affiliate) and I knew that would be quite a bit of monthly searches for that keyword (phrase actually but we call them keywords) but I also found a term that has less than five hundred web pages competing for it. You can find this out manually by typing in quotes for your keyword and see how many results are listed right below your term 1 out of.... Though Google has a weird system with this (this works better with Yahoo). For Google its best to have a good keyword tool.

What all of this means is that I have more of a chance of more people seeing my article if I pick the right keyword. This is critical. If you have a keyword that no one is searching for then you won't get people seeing your article. If you have a keyword that has too much competition, people won't find you.

Now in my article I would include my term, "marketing an online business" about once every hundred words so that it can be identified as a keyword by the search engines like Google and Yahoo. Now what I am doing with this article is called article marketing (for those of you who don't know). The goal is to provide relevant, helpful content and give people exposure to my website and whatever I have to offer on my website that is relevant to what people are looking for in the first place. That's the great thing about the internet.

So in this example, I am assuming you the reader want to know more about marketing an online business so I attempt to answer this in the article and then provide you a link to my website where what I have to offer is related to this very topic. Make sense? So the keywords is what connects me with my audience.

Driving traffic. There are many different ways to drive traffic. After trying a lot of different things, I am convinced that the two most stable ways of driving traffic (getting visitors to your site) are article marketing (as long as you are writing or paying someone to write original, unique content which Google loves) and Pay per Click (as long as you know how to pick the right key words) - this is where you pay when people click on your ad. Driving traffic, specifically what we call targeted traffic is one of the most important aspects of marketing an online business. Without traffic you have no possibilities of offering something to your visitors and getting sales.

Follow up with auto responders. Once you get a visitor to your site, if you can continue contact with her through an auto responder this will increase your chance of getting them to make a final decision on what you are hoping they will decide on. You basically set up ahead of time a set of emails that go out to the potential customer (it is NOT spam because they signed up to your list because you have something they are interested in). It automates the whole process. People are much more likely to buy after numerous exposures to what you are offering.

Marketing an online business is essential today. You need to understand how to pick the right keywords for your site, articles, and/or PPC campaigns, you need to learn to drive traffic and follow up with auto responders.

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