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Marketing Birth Pains Or Path To Riches
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Embarking on what I though would be an easy path to riches as an online business owner I began to experience marketing birth pains almost immediately. Who said it was easy to create a successful online business anyway, must have been someone that has never tried it. Or maybe I missed the part about it being easy if you know anything about the process, not so easy for a beginner like me.

All that technical stuff...

Right off the bat I discovered building a website for my new venture was no cake walk. I managed to build one but never could get it to look like a professional site that anyone would want to visit for more than a couple of seconds. I scrapped it and started over and finally managed to put together a serviceable site to build on. More birth pains and down right frustration was brought on by simple tasks like installing Google analytic's and webmaster tools. Didn't know what they were for but someone told me I needed them so I spent hours trying to get them installed and functioning. This was back in the early days before I discovered that you can Google almost anything for directions that you might be able to understand. Thinking back though it probably wouldn't have been much help for the technically challenged newbie I was. After all I had just previously discovered that a mouse didn't have four legs and a tail. Giving up in total disgust I decided I could manage without the extra's and moved on to other things.

Here it is world...

Total dismay was my reaction when the hit counter on my new site remained at zero after the first few days, didn't they know I was open for business. I was all set with glossy get rich quick opportunity banners and digital product text ads and no visitors. Amazing as it may seem I did finally realize that I would have to do something to attract visitors, put out a grand opening sign somehow. Placing ads on free safe lists and anywhere I could find that would allow free advertising I did manage to generate some traffic but my first attempt to get rich on the internet was a dismal failure at best.

Maybe another way...

I knew people were making money on the internet, I saw ads all the time from people laying on a beach somewhere counting their money and decided maybe there was another way to get my share. To make a long story short I was scammed, bamboozled, and ripped off in a variety of ways that consisted of an education in the school of hard knocks. Does all of this sound familiar for some of you, I bet it does.

Turning point...

Browsing the net one day I encountered an ad for an online training center and began a whole new phase in my marketing career I like to call the success begins here stage. With their help I soon had a successful business with multiple websites and all the tools and even professional guidance to help me stay on the right path. I love the ability to pop into their live chat anytime I have a problem, there is always someone there with the solution to any problem I run into. I only wish I had found them years ago, the learning process would have been so much easier.


Hey I want to thank you for reading my article, hope you enjoyed it, if not thanks anyway. Hopefully your experience with the online marketing world was better than mine, I look back on those early with wonder, wonder how I could have been so totally inept.

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