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Optimizing Landing Pages For Maximum Lead Generation
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Before I begin, it is important to define what a “landing page” is. Basically, a landing page is any web page you send a visitor to. Whether it is a PPC ad, an email, QR code or a call-to-action on your website that prompts the visitor to click on something and land on that page.

However, there are common elements that you must keep in mind when putting together your landing page optimization strategy regardless of the above; your landing page must:

  • Hold the visitor’s attention
  • Guide them to a next step.
  • Be targeted, specific and relevant
  • Make it easy for visitors to convert into leads

There are basically two different types of landing pages

  1. Those within your site – meant for browsing (a.k.a. reference landing pages)
  2. Those outside your site – conversion-focused (a.k.a. transactional landing pages)

Depending on whether the person lands on the page through simple navigation on your website or via a call-to-action click (i.e. PPC campaign such as Google Adwords) off your site the layout and design of the page may change. Now, because #2 above has the potential of returning the highest ROI so I’ll be focusing there.

As you go through this article you’ll notice that even though I refer to them as a “landing page” they can actually be made up of multiple pages (recommended) to further increase your ROI.

Types of Landing Pages

There are three common landing page layouts and designs depending on your campaign and experience you would like the visitor to have.

Single Landing Pages

These are made up of a single page which outlines the offer and includes a lead capture form. Success measurement is basic (# of visits vs. lead capture). There is little learned from why the visitor bounced before converting

Conversion Funnel Landing Pages

Includes 2-5 additional (navigation) options for the visitor surrounding the landing page offer (i.e. video, benefits page, lead capture page, etc.). These are usually used to help sort visitors by taking them down 2 different conversion paths.

Microsite Landing Pages

All options (navigation) presented to the visitor are specific and relevant to the offer. Usually used for education purposes but conversion could be the goal here as well.

Assessing Landing Page Needs

For each unique product or service that you offer, you need a landing page.

When a visitor arrives at your page you must tap into their mindset and ask if your page answers the following:

  1. Why are they there?
  2. What do they want?
  3. Does it make sense?
  4. Does it look easy?
  5. Do they trust you?

Also depending on your product/service the amount of information that you present to the visitor will determine the type of land page (single page, conversion, microsite) you create. Here is a list of elements that might appear on your page or that make up your landing page experience.

  • Conversion form
  • Additional pages (i.e. benefits, video, live demo, whitepaper, etc.)
  • Graphics
  • Blog article
  • Testimonials (text or video)
  • Case studies
  • Social shares

Landing Page Optimization Tips

The Blink Test - What is the first impression when you look at the page? Is it compelling, is it something they the user can trust? Is the brand recognizable? Remember, you have basically 8 seconds to build trust on your page and provide a clear next step.

Go Naked - How naked you go depends on how focused the page is on conversion. Whatever you decide, ask yourself if an element on your page distracts the visitor or is required to provide more information about your product in order to help them convert. Do you need a link to your other services, to your press room, your blog, etc. or are you giving them an opportunity to get distracted and leave the page.

Graphics Matter - Visually communicate your offer on the landing page. Instead of just using text link call to actions try images, arrows pointing to CTA buttons, etc.

Keep it Simple - Keep the form simple, content copy clear and easy to scan. Use bullets instead of complete paragraphs when you can. Page should be laid out in 2-3 columns, left side includes additional links to whitepapers, videos, case studies, etc that are specific to this page only. Center column contains you copy and right column is your lead conversion form or CTA.

Keep it Short - Keep your landing page form short. Only ask for the basic information that your sales team needs to grade the lead. You visitor should be able to completely scan your landing page within 3-5 seconds and know what the offer is and where you would like them to go next.

Auto-Responder or Redirect - Where are you sending visitors after they fill out the form; a generic thank you page? I’d recommend thinking about what the redirect page looks like and what should appear on it. Also, what are you sending them? It is highly recommended that you send them an email with possibly another call to action of a link to their online demo or download, or a link to another landing page that gives them more information and provides your sales team with additional information about the visitor.

Command Attention with Headlines - On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. Therefore, after you have written your headline you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar. Unfortunately there is no formula to share, but headlines can be characterized as direct or indirect. A direct headline often gives a command, states a fact, provides a reason to take action, tells how to accomplish something, features testimonials or makes a comparison/prediction. Indirect headlines use techniques such as asking a question, appealing to emotion, stating a slogan or enticing the reader with a teaser.

Consistency / Relevancy – The message or promise on your PPC ad or CTA on your site should appear on your landing page. Headlines and copy should match CTA on the conversion form and no PPC ad should lead the visitor to an existing page on your website instead a custom/unique landing page should be the destination.

Measuring Landing Page

Conversion - Ratio between visitors to those that became leads. Create a spread sheet that tracks: Page Name | Page Views | Submissions | Conversion Rate. To reduce your cost per lead, tweak your landing page so that your are converting more.

Traffic Sources - Record what the conversion rate is for different traffic sources (i.e. PPC, organic, email, etc) on the same page. This will quickly let you know that your page’s message in more in-line with your PPC ad than your organic listing so you might have to create another page or if your PPC ad does not have a high conversion rate than you might not have to continue investing in that traffic source.

Visitor Flow – What other pages did they view on your site to get to your landing page? Where did they go (distractions) and did those lose the lead or did it lead them to another conversion page.

Campaign ROI – Subtract the campaign cost from revenue generated to determine profit. Then divide profit by the campaign cost to establish ROI (an ROI of 100% means that for every $1 cost, there was $2 in income).

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Don’t put your lead capture form below the fold.
  2. Don’t ask for private information or too much.
  3. Make your form fields relevant to the offer. If they are filling out a form to view a whitepaper why do they need to tell you what their annual revenue is?
  4. Don’t label your “comments” field as such. Instead tell the visitor what you want them to answer “What is your biggest “x” challenge?” works better than “Comments”
  5. Not having consistency in your headlines
  6. Not performing Keyword research
  7. Having the same landing page for each campaign
  8. Not having social share links
  9. No explaining the value of the offer or next step (CTA)

In summary, although alot was covered in this article I'd suggest using it as a check list when you are designing your own.

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