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Nearly every Joe and Jane on Planet Earth wants to be successful in Internet Marketing. This business is so intriguing that though it sounds so easy and lucrative, it is actually the most baffling of all types of businesses. Know what? It can be done as thousands successful marketers make mega bucks out of it.

The business model of Internet Marketing is so simple and easy to launch, not to mention the most low cost and risk-free business to dive into. For well less than $500 a year, you could easily start an Internet Marketing business that could potentially surpass your day job salary plus a passive residual income to take you to your early retirement and beyond. Beyond here means you could pass it on to your children to continue to also take them into their own retirement. This was what attracted millions into this business.

What other type of businesses can offer these advantages and benefits? 1. Low start-up cost 2. Immediate up and running 3. No fixed overheads but with some expenses 4. No staffing problems 5. No heavy capital outlay to purchase inventory 6. No warehousing required 7. No need for an office 8. Work anytime and anywhere you want 9. International customer base

Now comes the baffling part that eludes up to 98% of Internet Marketers, that is making it a successful business that brings home the fat bacon.

All struggling marketers has varying degrees of knowledge acquired through subscribing to free newsletters and mini-courses, some attend personal coaching by their local gurus, from friends and most are attracted to the never-ending online programs that their fancy convincing sales letter shows you how much they claim to make.

I know as I have been through it all. So much so that I have a condition called information overload that blanks my train of thought. I have the knowledge but the million dollar question is where to apply those to. Often I catch myself staring out the window and then asking myself what to do next. Then I think of something that occurs to me and I do that task, totally disorganized.

One day I woke up from my mindless state and realize that I was going nowhere after spending in excess of $10,000 and 3 years chasing my dream.

I finally realized that what I need was a day by day structured course that tell and guide me on the steps that I need to complete daily. This was the missing puzzle. It all came to me in a flash.

Here is the thing. I had the knowledge of Internet Marketing, applied some of them and launched a few websites but none were making any money. I was doing things on a fragmented basis, doing tasks when I happen to think it. Then I waited and waited for my bank account to grow but of course it never did!

As I was going through my emails from lots of websites I subscribed to, I came upon one particular website that relentlessly been sending me valuable tips and information about make money internet marketing. They offered a $1 trial for 7 days! And so my journey began to put me on the right path to make money from Internet Marketing.

Street Talk

google psychotactics dot com it's a site you might find very useful.

  about 9 years ago
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