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The Difference Between Network Marketing And Internet Marketing
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The Difference Between Network Marketing And Internet Marketing

Actually, network marketing and internet marketing have very little to do with each other, so understanding the differences between them is going to be pretty easy. In this article I'm going to talk a bit about what each of these are, and why sometimes people (mistaking) use the words interchangeably.

I hope that after reading, you are able to understand the differences between network marketing and internet marketing, as well as know which one you'd like to choose if you are looking for a way to start a business from your home.

Network Marketing

So, let's take a look at the root words here: "Network", and "Marketing". It is essentially establishing a network through various types of marketing, or marketing to your network of family and friends.

Though network marketing 'gurus' and advocates do not like to admit this, it's essentially a pyramid scheme. You make money though 'downlines', i.e. the people in your network. For example, I get five friends into my network, and to enter, they have to pay me some money. My 'upline' (the people above me) get a percentage.

If these 5 friends get 5 friends each, that's 25 people that have paid to get in the 'network', and I make a percentage of each. If those 25 people then get 5 more people each, well, my math isn't that good, but you get the point.

If that isn't a pyramid scheme, then I don't know what is!

Pyramid schemes are illegal in many countries, but network markers have found a loop hole that allows them to continue with this business model by bending the rules here and there to fit the law.

Unfortunately, it's still the same old scam.

Internet Marketing

Again, let's take a look at the root words here: "Internet", and "Marketing". The idea behind the combination of these two words is that you are leveraging the internet to market a product, service, or business.

There are many types of internet marketing, so this one term cannot be limited to one definition with regards to business models (though I think I did a good job of broadly defining it above!).

Paid advertisements in Google search is internet marketing. Writing articles to get traffic to your website is too. And of course building blog, review sites, and local business websites are also valid examples.

In fact, this type of marketing can be your ONLY strategy to help people find a product or service online, or it can be part of a larger marking strategy that involves more traditional marketing like radio, magazine, and TV advertisements.

The Comparison

So you can see that the difference between network marketing and internet marketing is clear. One is a scheme to try and make money by building a network of willing participants. The other is a one of may marketing strategies used to promote a business.

It is my hope to deter you from joining any network marketing scams. Though some people do make money doing this, most people don't. After all, do you really know how far up the pyramid you are?

Internet marketing is a legitimate business strategy that can be used to promote your own business, or to start an affiliated website to make money online.

Why Do People Mix Them Up?

Especially on YouTube, but also on may websites listed in Google, you may find that people talk about one, when they mean the other. This is because there are many newcomers who don't fully understand the difference.

Both terms contain the word, "marketing", and now that network marketing 'gurus' have discovered the power of the internet to spread their scams and schemes, they frequently use the term as well. It's unfortunate that real business owners have to work to distinguish themselves from these rotten business practices, but it's impossible to control how others use a word.

I hope that I have explained these crucial differences clearly, but if you have any questions, please ask below in the comment area.

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