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The Thrill Of Making Your First Affiliate Sale
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The Thrill Of Making Your First Affiliate Sale

As a budding affiliate marketer (or perhaps you're still just interested in doing some affiliate work) you will eventually hit one of the most exciting moments of your career. That first sale. Day one you check, and you just see zeroes. Day two, nothing. Day three, same story... until eventually you check and voila! There is that sale... and you just want to split the air in half with your enthusiasm. IT WORKED! The hard work has paid off!

I suppose that making your first sale is as big a milestone as if you were creating a so-called "offline business". The first client. The first invoice you send out. It's just with affiliate marketing - everyone says it's going to be difficult, much harder then the 'gurus' make it out to be. And what makes that affiliate sale even more exciting is that so much of the time, you haven't spent very much at all. In many cases, that first sale might cover everything you've spent on your business so far, or close to. You've earned money from nothing. If you're building a restaurant (which costs tens of thousands of dollars) you'd expect to make something out of it. But until that first affiliate sale comes along, you can't be sure if this isn't just some great big cosmic joke, and there's no success online, only failure.

After the first sale, the second one comes along, and trust me - the second time is just as sweet as the first, perhaps even better, because you know you're on your way! You know you're doing something right. After then, I still don't get tired of seeing those affiliate sales. They're thrilling. The only thing I have to do now is to keep those going, keep making the earnings on a day to day basis get higher and higher.

Of course, in today's new world of online 'marketing' and business building, it's almost a little shameful to talk about the money side of things. The mantra seems to be 'do it for your readers', don't focus on the money. Well... that's true... to an extent. This is something I struggled with for a very long time. I didn't want to sell to my readers, I wasn't comfortable with it. I'm still not a natural born marketer. I don't like getting people to buy stuff. But you know what? I need to. You could offer services to people that help them develop their spiritual, emotional and physical parts of themselves, and you'd still need to charge something to provide a for yourself. And chances are your customer would gladly pay for it as well.

So there is a balance to be had, between earning that money, and producing great stuff for readers and purchasers. It's really only when you get out of balance that things become an issue.

And if you haven't made that first sale yet? Keep working. It will come. And when it does, you'll be hit with a feeling of joy, relief, passion and enthusiasm all rolled in to one - and you'll wonder why you ever doubted yourself and affiliate marketing.

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Very motivating article, Mark!

  about 9 years ago
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