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Think You're Gonna Get Rich Fast Online?
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Think You\'re Gonna Get Rich Fast Online?

You've heard stories of people getting rich fast online through internet marketing. Those lucky folks have told their grouchy, inconsiderate bosses where they can stick their lousy jobs.

Now those former wage slaves wake up at their usual hour, (because they have been doing it for so many years), only to realize that Hey! I don't have to go to work any more! And they snuggle back down into their warm and cozy beds to sleep through the very hour when they used to be struck in slow-moving commuter traffic.

What a good feeling! And you want to get a piece of that action.

So you surf the internet, looking for the internet marketing guru who will show you how you, too, can get rich fast online. After all, kids in their dorm rooms have started internet businesses that have made them into billionaires.

Your goals are more modest. You just want enough money to be able to quit your job and live comfortably at home with your family. You want to give them some of the finer things in life. Who are you kidding? You want to be filthy rich, too!

And so starts your journey down the rocky road to disappointment after disappointment. Yes, these gurus have all become multi-millionaires. Some of them truly want to help people succeed online. They want to "give back".

A Greedy Guru

However, a lot of them don't seem to have made enough money. For their precious information, they are charging a mere $2000.00. They refuse to give the money back, because, after all, you have just learned all their "secrets". Those secrets, you have learned upon receiving this amazing package, are nothing but junk. You are out $2000.00 and your spouse is screaming at you.

After awhile, when you have recovered from this crushing disappointment and from the loss of your two grand, you decide to try again. This new guru seems to be an honest person and appears to have a thriving business. You fall for the rapturous description of her latest product. You send her the $37.00. You have decided (actually, your spouse decided for you) that 50 bucks is your limit.

A Real Bummer

You try to download it, but there's a glitch and no download appears. You really, really want that product because you just know (from her description of the fabulous product) that this will help you to start to make money online. You email her frantically, but she never answers. Probably too busy counting her money. You hammer her with emails. In response, all you get is a deafening silence.

Meanwhile, this guru is flogging her latest wonderful product. So you complain about her to the Resolution Center at Paypal.

That gets her to finally send you an email...full of apologies and flimsy excuses. She offers to give you your money back, but you've had your heart set on receiving that miraculous e-book that's going to start you on the road to riches.

She sends you a download all right, but it is something you've never heard of. It is totally unrelated to the area in which you've been struggling.

You ask for your money back. She never answers your email. Finally, you give up on her. You're exhausted.

Another bummer

Then you run across a guy who, for $100.00 for a lifetime membership will talk to you on the phone for one hour once a week to help you with any problems you have which are internet marketing related. This man is a good person, who has an excellent reputation. After much abject pleading on your part, your spouse allows you to fork over a Benjamin.

You've heard of "Acts of God"? He gets sick and isn't able to fulfill his promise. You are crushed, because you thought that with his help, you would finally make a breakthrough. Also, your spouse is having a little trouble understanding the sudden illness and the disappearance of the Bennie. You send prayers for his recovery, and look around for help elsewhere. You'll never give up.

Hope Springs Eternal

Next, after more abject pleading, you buy a program that is slightly more than $50.00, but you are anxious to be financially free. Tempus is fugit-ing and you would like to be free before you are too old to enjoy it. You buy a package from a computer genius, and that is your big mistake. You can't figure out how to work the program. The genius answers his emails, giving you comprehensive, detailed help that you can't even begin to understand. The emails fly back and forth. Finally, you give up and the genius returns your money, much to your spouse's surprise and satisfaction.

This is just a small picture of how I have spent the last eight years of my life, trying to get rich online. I never made a dime, but I certainly spent plenty.

It wasn't all a waste. I received the equivalent of an MBA in recognizing all the ways a person will never get rich online.

So when the latest program came along that I invested in, I recognized it instantly for what it is---solid gold I'm happy to say that I'm on my way at long last. It was worth the wait.

Now, I KNOW I'm going to get rich online!

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C. Hughes  

Great Job Peggy, Contact me over at WA please.(Labman)

  about 9 years ago
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